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Frictionless Video Communication

Taskade supports video chat features, complete with screen sharing and live chat. Host the meeting and jot down minutes without ever leaving your window.

Why Frictionless Video Communication is needed

Your remote workers have probably noticed that you havenโ€™t been showing up on your Skype Meetings. Now youโ€™re telling them that you are too busy to communicate and that the days of the endless marathon conference calls are over. However, according to the communication platform, 53% of professionals say that video conferencing isnโ€™t important enough for their company. Another 29% of respondents are mostly concerned with expense and adding more burden to their employees. That leaves only 10% of respondents who said that video communication is very important and vital for their businesses. โ€œI worked remotely for years and itโ€™s extremely difficult to have a personal relationship with colleagues and clients.

The benefits of video communication

Maintaining a positive and professional image Enhancing the sales process Encouraging employee engagement Boosting business performance Developing leadership skills Enhancing organizational communication More efficient collaboration Gaining a competitive advantage The key drivers of video communication in the workplace are the absence of latency, reliability, and costs. Businesses that seek to employ video communication in the workplace are keeping up with these trends and are launching their own communication tools. These tools are set to change how business transactions are conducted in the workplace and across the globe.

How Taskade supports video chat features

Taskade is built to let you enjoy social video-based collaboration anytime, anywhere. With Taskade's simple, yet powerful, interface, you can: Invite your contacts to join video chat with you. Share your screen. Mark your messages as read. Share your URL to send out a link to your team's shared documents. Screen share and live chat Taskade is built to enable you to share your computer or device's display with a group. Taskade's app for Mac includes the tools to screen share and to chat while you're looking at a live video stream.

Getting Started with Taskade

A web-based client app that requires no extra download is pre-configured to start the communication at the stroke of a button. Get started:

  1. Click the Start Video Conference button.

  2. Choose a Desktop or Window you wish to use to video chat with your participants.

  3. Select the participant you wish to video call.

  4. Click the Meet Participants button.

  5. Set up the desktop or window you wish to use to video chat with the participants. 6. When you're ready, click the Meet Participants button. The meeting takes place as you're talking, whether you're two feet away from them or across the globe.


Taskade solves the biggest hurdle when sharing a screen in an office: poor video quality. Your colleagues can see exactly what youโ€™re doing on the screen, and any drops in image quality wonโ€™t reflect on the video. Taskade's visual, 100 percent accurate interface make sharing a screen easy and hassle-free. As the market leader for video conferencing solutions, it will not be difficult for users to switch to Taskadeโ€™s cutting-edge video conferencing app for all their needs. About Taskade Taskade is a video conferencing solution that provides a totally intuitive and comfortable video conferencing experience. Taskadeโ€™s fast and easy-to-use interface removes all the barriers to meetings, transforming users into productive individuals.