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🛠 AI Engineering Templates

Engineering and Programming templates for everything an engineer might need including onboarding, tech stacks, QA testing, managing sprints, and more.

Audit PBC Request Checklist

Gather and compile all necessary information for your audit PBC request.

Web Application Security Assessment Checklist

Use this security assessment checklist to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and ensure your products are secure.

Pull Request Checklist – Do’s and Don’ts

Use this Pull Request Checklist template to make sure that your changes are well-prepared and ready for review.

Programmer Competency Matrix Checklist

Use this free, online checklist to figure out what you need to know to become a competent programmer.

Quality Assurance Testing

This quality assurance testing template provides a framework for testing the quality of a product before launch, helping to identify and eliminate any potential issues before they become a problem.

Tech Stacks Checklist

A comprehensive tech stack checklist to help developers efficiently evaluate and update their development environment with the most up-to-date tools and technologies.

GitHub Open Source Checklist

Manage all your open-source GitHub projects using this checklist. A simple and organized way to ensure you your projects are going according to plan.

Front-End Checklist

Ensure the quality of your front-end projects with our comprehensive Front-End Checklist.

Linux Hardening Checklist

Use this free online template to learn and apply Linux Hardening methods!

Celery Tasks Checklist

Streamline Celery task processing with this checklist—ensure tasks are defined, tested, deployed, and optimized.

API Security Checklist

Protect your API from vulnerabilities with the API Security Checklist. Discover the benefits of using an API security checklist and how it can help you ensure the security of your API.

Vendor Management Software Checklist

Evaluate vendor management software to see if it meets your needs.

Feature Checklist for Marketing Automation Software

Evaluate software to ensure it meets your needs.

Node.js Security Checklist

Create a strong security system on Node.js with our free, online template!

Python API Checklist

Build a solid Python library API.

Software Engineer Checklist

Increase your productivity with this free template.

Angular Performance Checklist

Improve the performance of your Angular applications with the Angular Performance Checklist!

Programmer Productivity Checklist

Boost your productivity as a programmer!

Django Apps Checklist

Build great Django apps!

Resources for Front-End Beginners

Learn how to become a front-end developer!

WordPress SEO Checklist

Optimize your WordPress site for search engines

JavaScript Project Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for your next JavaScript project.

Website / App Launch Checklist

Use this template to fully prepare for your app launch.

Engineering Guidelines

Compile engineering best practices for easy onboarding!

Drupal Front-End Performance Checklist

Build & develop a fast Drupal website.

App Store Submission Checklist

Make sure your app is ready to go before submitting it to the App Store!

Drupal Project Development

Deliver successful Drupal projects with ease!

WordPress Launch Cheat Sheet

Get ready to launch your new blog and/or website.

WordPress Blog Security Cheat Sheet

Protect your site from malicious threats with this free template.

Stable Systems Checklist

Establish a stable software system!

Django Production Launch Checklist

Launch your Django site with confidence!

Web Developer Security Checklist

Keep track of important security issues when creating your next web application.

Risk Management Software Checklist

Choose the best risk management software for your business.

Docker Enterprise IT Operations Checklist

10 key topics to cover when deploying Docker in production!


Streamline your software development and deployment processes.

Project Launch Checklist

A comprehensive checklist for project launches, covering essential tasks such as user acceptance testing, finalizing documentation, and verifying deployment.

WordPress Ongoing Maintenance Cheat Sheet

Ensure that your website functions correctly & runs smoothly.

Pull Request Reviewer Checklist

Avoid creating a toxic feedback culture by setting guidelines for your pull request review process.

Docker Secure Deployment Guidelines

Improve the security posture of Docker containers on Linux-based hosts.

Haskell Performance Checklist

Boost your Haskell program’s performance.

WordPress Pre-Development Cheat Sheet

Creating a new WordPress project? Use this cheat sheet to make things easier.

Haskell Preflight Checklist

Follow our tips and best practices to make sure your code is accessible and pleasing to reviewers.

How to Create Software with High Quality Standards

Ensure high quality software at scale!

App Launch Checklist

Get ready to launch your application!

Why Do I Need a Programming Template?

Computer programing is one of the toughest disciplines to master. You’re constantly dealing with complex algorithms and code, and each small step your team makes adds up when trying to create a product that doesn’t break (one can always try).

As a software engineer/programmer, you will be faced with countless sprints. Each sprint will bring with it a new set of unique challenges and using one of our fully customizable templates will help you to stay on top of things. Save your brain power for the coding process; work smarter and get a headstart with one of our programming templates!

What is Included in Taskade’s Programming and Engineering Templates?

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of programming and engineering templates to help you manage your sprints and write the best code possible. Here are some of the templates that are included:

Celery Tasks Checklist. Schedule tasks and focus on real-time processing.

Tech Stacks Checklist. Choose from our selection of tech stacks.

Programmer Competency Matrix Checklist. Are you a competent programmer? Find out here.

App Launch Checklist. Launching your app? Make sure everything’s ready to go!

These are just some of the many templates that we have ready for you. Love being productive? Check out the Flowtime Technique and Eisenhower Quadrant to really take your productivity to the next level!

How To Use These Engineering Templates in Taskade

  1. Click “Use Template” to create a project instantly in your workspace.
  2. Click “Save Template” to create a reusable template for you and your team.
  3. Customize your project, make it your own, and get work done!