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Taskade AI Agents

Discover the power of Taskade AI agents and redefine your workflows. Seamlessly integrate AI into your daily tasks and experience a new level of automation and efficiency. Start your journey with AI agents today.

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AI-Powered Productivity.AI-Powered Productivity.

Automate Tasks and More With Taskade

Five AI-powered tools in one to supercharge your team productivity. Automate your work in one unified workspace.

Brainstorm with AI Agents

Use Taskade's AI Agents to brainstorm in your projects and take your ideas to the next level. Taskade equips you with what you need to expand on your ideas and turn them into actionable plans.

Chat with AI Agents

Chat with AI Agents within your projects to get a fresh perspective on things. Get access to a wide selection of AI expert personas with Taskade.

Automate with AI Agents

Create your own AI Agents and then set up custom automations suited to your workflow. Build automations that help you get more work done in less time.

Redefine Your Workflows with Taskade AI.

🤖 Meet Your New Superpower: AI Agents!

Hey there! 🌟 Ever wished for a super-smart buddy who’s always there to help? Enter Taskade AI Agents. They’re here to revolutionize your content creation, marketing efforts, and workflow management. Whether you’re flying solo or teaming up, Taskade AI Agents are ready to sprinkle some magic on your tasks.

🚀 For Personal Use⚡️ For Team Collaboration
📝 Write, organize, and summarize notes with `/summarize`📖 Outline articles, blog posts, and more with `/outline`✍️ Improve your writing’s clarity with `/rewrite`💡 Brainstorm evergreen ideas using `/brainstorm`📅 Draft high-level meeting agendas with `/expand`🤝 Co-author documents in real-time🌩️ Generate ideas during brainstorming sessions🗺️ Build mind maps and flowcharts with a twist of AI

Join the Taskade AI Adventure!

⚡️ How to Chat with Taskade AI Agents

It’s super easy! Just type a question or text, add one of the cool slash commands, and press ⌨️ Enter. Once the AI magic happens, click ‘Insert’ to add the generated text to your project. Want a quick menu? Press ⌨️ Space at the start of a task. Voilà!

  • 🤖 /assistant: Opens up the AI Assistant menu.
  • 🟤 /subtask: Creates subtasks for a parent task.
  • ⚪️ /brainstorm: Unleashes a storm of fresh ideas.
  • 🟢 /outline: Structures your document like a pro.
  • 🔴 /expand: Adds depth and detail to your content.
  • 🔵 /rewrite: Makes your writing shine.
  • 🟠 /summarize: Condenses long content into snackable bits.
  • 🟡 /ask: Gets answers from AI’s vast brain.
  • 🟣 /translate: Translates text into different languages.
  • 🟧 /prioritize: Sorts tasks by importance.
  • 🟩 /turn into action items: Extracts action steps from text.
  • 🟥 /fix spelling and grammar: Polishes your text to perfection.

🤹‍♀️ Creative Ways to Use Taskade AI

  • Generate Document Outlines: Just type your topic + ⌨️ /outline.
  • Improve Your Writing: Want a persuasive tone? Type your text + ⌨️ /rewrite.
  • Find Information: Curious about the moon’s distance? Ask with ⌨️ /ask.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Need article ideas? Type your topic + ⌨️ /expand.
  • Summarize Content: Turn long notes into short summaries with ⌨️ /summarize.
  • Create Meeting Agendas: Organize a 15-minute meeting plan with ⌨️ /expand.
  • Think Visually: Use Mind Map view and ⌨️ /expand to visualize ideas.
  • Automate with AI Templates: Create or use our free AI templates.

🤔 Who Are AI Chat Personas?

Imagine chatting with a tech lawyer, a financial advisor, or even a standup comedian! Chat Personas are AI’s way of making conversations fun and relatable. Choose a persona, and let’s chat!

💡 Curious? Visit 💬 Taskade AI Chat to dive deeper.

🌍 Dive into the World of AI Personas

From a startup tech lawyer to a life coach, Taskade AI has a persona for every need. Whether you’re seeking legal advice, fitness tips, or a good laugh, our AI buddies are here to help!

Start Chatting with Taskade AI!

🤖 Custom AI Agents

What Are Custom Agents?

AI Agents are specialized tools designed to automate routine activities like research, task management, and content creation. You can now create custom AI Agents and use them in your projects to save time and get more done faster and smarter!

💡 Note: Visit this article to learn about pre-defined agents in Taskade.

Create a Custom Agent

  1. Go to the Agents tab at the top of your workspace/folder.
  2. Click ➕ Create agent to open the agent creator.
    • (method #1) Start from scratch:
      • Create a unique name for your custom agent.
      • Select an avatar or upload your own.
    • (method #2) Use one of the available agent templates.
  3. Click Create to save the new agent.

Use AI Agent Templates

Taskade features a collection of AI agent templates designed for various use cases. Each agent template has a unique personality and set of commands. To use agent templates:

  1. Go to the Agents tab at the top of your workspace/folder.
  2. Pick one of the available templates.
  3. Click Create to save the new agent.
  4. (optional) Customize the new agent.

Edit Your Agent

With your agent in place, you can now customize it:

  1. Open the Agents tab again and select your AI agent.
  2. Click ✏️ Edit agent in the top-right corner.

Fill Out General Details

Every agent is unique. The General allows you to define the core characteristics and operational parameters of your custom AI agent. Here’s what you can change:

  1. Select your agent in the Agents tab.
  2. Choose the General tab on the left and add agent details:
    • Name: A unique name will help you identify your AI agent.
    • Description: Describe the core behavior and personality of your agent.
    • Persona: Give your agent a unique personality.
    • Tone: Tailor agent interactions with a specific tone of voice.
    • Tools: Enable additional tools like web browsing or plugins.

💡 Note: Visit Custom Agent Prompts for detailed instructions.


Enable Tools and Plugins (Beta)

Give your agents the right set of tools to get the job done:

  • 🌐 Web Search: Allow the agent to browse the web and fetch up-to-date information.
  • 🧪 WolframAlpha: Enhance the agent’s computational skills.
  • 🔌 Add-ons: Enable additional tools and extensions.

Train Your Agent

You can train agents using uploaded files (.pdf, .doc, .txt), web resources, and YouTube videos:

  1. Select your agent in the Agents tab.
  2. Choose the Knowledge tab on the left.
  3. Enable the Knowledge toggle on the right.
  4. Use one of the available options to train your agent:
    • 🤏 Drag & drop: Drag files from your device to upload.
    • 📄 Add from media: Choose files from the Media Manager.
    • 🌐 Add link: Choose external resources like websites and blogs.
    • 🎞️ Add YouTube: Choose one or multiple YouTube videos for transcription.
  5. The agent will use the source to provide contextual answers to your queries.

💡 Note: You need to upload files and documents into a project to see them inside the Media Manager. Visit 📎 Upload Files / Attachments to learn more.


Add Custom Commands

Every custom agent can include multiple custom /commands you can use inside projects.

  1. Select your agent in the Agents tab.
  2. Choose the Commands tab on the left.
  3. Click ➕ New command and define the prompts:
    • 🔤 Name: Choose a name that will pop up when you type + “command name”
    • ⏩ Prompt: Define the behavior of the custom command (see the next section).
    • 🛠️ Tools: Enable additional tools and skills:
      • 🧭 Background Task: Execute commands in the background.
      • 🧭 Web Search: Give the agent internet access.
  4. Click Create to save the changes.

💡 Note: Not sure where to start? Check the 🗂️ Prompt Library for ideas.


Choose a Language for AI Responses

AI responds in the language of the prompt or context. Here’s how to change the output language:

  • (method #1) Specify language in the prompt.
    • e.g. “Respond in Spanish: What’s the weather like in Madrid?”
  • (method #2) Provide context in the target language.
    • e.g. “¿Cómo está el clima en Madrid?” will receive a response in Spanish.

Use the Agent

There are two ways you can use your custom AI agents:

  • (method #1) Chat with the agent:
    1. Navigate to the Agents tab.
    2. Select your custom AI agent.
    3. Start a conversation and ask your agent questions.
  • (method #2) Use custom agent commands:
    1. Open a project in the workspace/folder where you created the agent.
    2. Type / + thename of your custom command, e.g. “/task breakdown”
      1. You don’t need to type the entire command.
    3. Press ⌨️ Enter to execute the command.

Deploy Multiple AI Agents

Scaling up your projects? Taskade allows you to deploy multiple AI agents simultaneously, each tasked with a different aspect of your workflow. Here’s to set up and manage multiple agents:

  1. Go to the Agents tab at the top of your workspace/folder.
  2. Create new agents you want to deploy.
  3. Add agent details and create custom commands (see previous sections).
  4. (important) For each custom command, toggle 🧭 Background Task on.
  5. Open your project and use the new agent commands on a few different tasks.
  6. You will see blinking agent avatars next to the task that are being processed.
  7. Click anywhere in the project editor to hide the agent interface.
  8. Click the agent avatar again to return to an agent.

Share AI Agents

Want to share your custom agent with your team? Follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom agents following the steps in the previous sections.
  2. Navigate to the 🤖 Agents tab and choose your custom AI agent.
  3. Click the ✎ Edit agent button in the top-right corner.
  4. Click Share button in the top-right corner.
  5. Enable Public access in the top-right.
  6. Copy the agent link using the  button.
  7. Share the agent link to other users


Copy Agents to Workspace / Folder

You can copy your agents across workspaces and folders:

  1. Create a custom agents following the steps in the previous sections.
  2. Navigate to the 🤖 Agents tab and choose your custom AI agent.
  3. Click the three dots ··· next to an agent.
  4. Click Copy and select the target workspace/folder.

AI Agents Use Cases

The world of AI agents is like a playground so let your imagination run wild! From simple tasks to complex solutions, here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Use CaseTasks
Task AutomationAuto-categorize tasksPrioritize by keywordsEstimate durationRecommend task owners
Knowledge RetrievalFetch relevant documentsAnswer team questionsRecommend reading materialSuggest internal resources
Feedback & ImprovementCollect and analyze feedbackOffer improvement insightsBenchmark against past projectsHighlight success stories
MeetingsSummarize the discussionsRecommend next steps
Creative AssistanceOffer writing/editing aidBrainstorm content ideasProvide content inspirationSuggest out-of-the-box approaches

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