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Frequently asked questions.

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What is Taskade?

Taskade is an AI-powered productivity platform for teams and individuals. Transform the way you work by integrating task organization, project specifications, workflow automation, and team collaboration into one platform. Get started for free.

How do AI Agents work in Taskade?

AI agents are revolutionary tools designed to automate routine tasks such as research, task management, and content creation. You can train, customize, and deploy agents inside projects or interact with them using a chat interface. Learn more.

Is my data used to train AI models?

No, your data remains confidential and is not used for training AI models. Learn More.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, discounts are available for students, startups, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Contact us for details.

Is Taskade Free?

Yes! The free version of Taskade includes all the features you need for personal use. Upgrade options are available for advanced features and more AI requests.

In what ways can I use Taskade to be more productive?

Taskade provides AI-powered tools for task management, real-time collaboration, and project tracking in one platform. You can organize tasks, set deadlines, collaborate with team members in live chat, and visualize your projects in various formats.

Can I manage multiple teams?

Yes, Taskade is designed to handle multiple teams seamlessly. You can create and manage separate workspaces and folders for each team.

How do I invite someone to join my workspace?

To invite others, go to your workspace, click the "Share" button, and send an invitation link or email. Learn about roles and permissions here.

How do I assign a task to someone else?

Assign tasks by clicking the assign button or using the @mention feature with their username. Assign entire projects near the title.

Who can see my projects?

Your projects are private by default. You can choose to share them or create workspaces for team collaboration whenever you're ready.

What is the company's background?

Taskade started in 2017 in San Francisco, brought to life by a team with a dream of simplifying the way we collaborate. Get to know the people and the vision on our about page.

How does Taskade compare to competitors?

Looking for the productivity crown? Let's just say, Taskade wears it well. But you can still compare us with other tools and read competitor reviews here.

What languages do you support?

Taskade supports multiple languages including English, French, German, and more. A full list of our supported languages can be found here.

I have a suggestion for Taskade.

Great! Share your suggestions with our community and submit feature requests and bug reports directly to our team.

How do I reach support?

Visit our Help Center or contact us directly for more questions.

What's new in Taskade AI?

Taskade AI supercharges your productivity with features such as Custom AI Agents, AI Project Studio, AI Writing and Task Assistant, AI-enhanced Project Chat, and more. Discover the full suite of AI capabilities here.

Does Taskade AI use GPT-4o?

Taskade AI use OpenAI's GPT-4o for premium users. Free users have access to GPT-3.5 Turbo. Taskade AI features includes Custom AI Agents, AI Generator, AI Assistant, and AI Chat. Learn more.

How Am I Billed for Adding New Workspace Members?

Billing varies by plan. Personal and Pro plans have a flat monthly rate for your entire team, while Pro and Team plans are priced per seat. Learn More.

How do I use Taskade?

To use Taskade, just set up a workspace, add your tasks, and invite your team. It’s perfect for keeping track of everything from daily to-dos to big picture projects, whether you’re on a small team or running an entire agency.

How do I change my plan if I start on the Free Plan?

Easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription by visiting the billing area. Compare premium plans on our pricing page.

Can I collaborate with others?

Yes! Taskade acts as a unified team workspace for idea organization, task management, and real-time collaboration. Create a workspace, invite your team, and work together seamlessly.

What is a workspace?

A workspace in Taskade acts as an organization hub, bringing together projects, folders, and team members for collaboration. Create unlimited folders under each workspace for team and department management.

Can I share an individual project?

Absolutely. Share individual projects or invite members to a folder or workspace for project collaboration.

Can I set deadlines and due dates for tasks?

You can set deadlines for tasks by clicking the ➕ button next to a task and selecting Due Date. Visit this article for more details.

Is there a mobile app or desktop app for Taskade?

Yes, you can download Taskade apps for all popular platforms and operating systems here. Taskade is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and in a web browser.

Do you have a public roadmap for Taskade?

Stay updated with Taskade's development on our public roadmap. Check out our weekly updates and monthly newsletters on product announcements and enhancements.

Do you have a referral or partnership program?

Yes, you can join our Affiliate Partnership Program and earn up to 50% lifetime commission on each upgrade. Learn more and become a partner.

What other tools integrate with Taskade?

You can connect your Taskade account to popular apps and services such as Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, WordPress, and many others using our native automation feature. You can also use integration platforms like Zapier, Webflow, or Pabbly to automate tasks. For custom integration, use the Taskade API. Check our Integrations page for more.

I love Taskade! How can I help?

Spread the love on social media, upgrade to a premium plan, and follow us on X, Reddit, and Youtube.