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Startups have a lot to keep track of and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. This is why we’ve created some of the best free templates to help your startup stay on track!

Our Templates Will Help You Get a Jumpstart With Taskade

Regardless if you’re toying around with the idea of creating a startup, or if you’re already on the way to your next investor meeting, Taskade has a plethora of templates to help you every step of the way. We’ve compiled an ultimate collection of startup templates to help you navigate through this fast-paced environment. 

Working in a startup can sometimes feel overwhelming. This is why you should utilize our free and customizable templates to help make your life a little bit easier!

Our Most Popular Templates for Startups

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of templates to help your startup succeed. These are our most popular and frequently used templates for startup businesses:

  1. Startup Idea Checklist. To help you brainstorm a new startup idea
  2. Startup Launch Checklist. A bunch of resources to help you stay on track.
  3. Startup Business Pitch Template. Prepare yourself and create the best business pitch!
  4. Startup Funding Template. Raise funds for your million-dollar idea!
  5. Startup Checklist Template. The ultimate checklist to ensure your startup’s success.

These are just some of the templates that we have ready for you. See why we think Taskade is one of the best project management tools to help your startup launch and continue to grow!

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