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💰 Sales Automations

Discover a wide range of pre-made and fully customizable sales automation workflows with Taskade. Enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve your sales strategy with our automation.

Create New Task From HubSpot

Unlock seamless efficiency: Automate your workflow by creating new tasks from HubSpot instantly with our powerful automation tool!

Create Task From New Contact Email

Effortlessly transform new contact emails into actionable tasks with our seamless automation, saving you time and driving productivity like never before!

Create Project From New Contact Email

Transform your workflow and amplify productivity with automated project creation from new contact emails—where every new connection is instantly a step closer to success!

Create New HubSpot Deal

Transform your sales workflow with a seamless automation that effortlessly creates new HubSpot Deals, empowering you to focus on closing more deals and driving business growth.

Create Task From New Contact

Transform your workflow with our automation that instantly creates tasks from new contacts, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks and boosting your efficiency effortlessly!

Update Prospect Status

Turbocharge your sales pipeline with our cutting-edge automation that seamlessly updates prospect statuses, empowering your team to focus on closing deals instead of manual tracking!

Build Project From New Contact

Revolutionize your workflow by instantly transforming new contacts into fully-fledged projects with our powerful automation tool!

Create New Project From HubSpot

Unlock unmatched efficiency with our seamless automation: effortlessly create new projects directly from HubSpot with just a click!

Send Email to Prospect

Unlock the future of seamless outreach with our powerful email automation tool that connects you to prospects effortlessly and efficiently.

Create New HubSpot Contact

Effortlessly supercharge your sales pipeline with our cutting-edge automation that instantly generates new HubSpot contacts, transforming potential leads into valuable connections with a single click!