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Use Cases

AI Assistant

Write, edit, and organize anything with the Taskade AI Assistant integrated into the project editor. Break down tasks, generate ideas, outline plans, and more.

AI Automation

Automate your tasks and projects with Taskade AI Automation. Design custom workflows, integrate with tools like Gmail, Slack, and WordPress, and more.

AI Chat

Learn how to make the most of Taskade AI Chat. Discover how you can leverage conversational AI to brainstorm ideas and solve problems.


Add your projects and deadlines to the Taskade Calendar to get a comprehensive overview of your schedule and upcoming responsibilities.

Chat & Messaging

Communicate with your team in real-time using the built-in chat. Send messages, share documents, or start a video call in an instant.

Custom AI Agents

Build and train your virtual AI team with Taskade AI Agents. Automate workflows using custom commands, knowledge training, and multi-agent operations.

Guide for Beginners

Start your journey in Taskade with this comprehensive guide designed to take you through the basics and familiarize you with the interface.

Guide to AI Assistant

Learn how to use the AI Assistant inside projects to generate content, outline documents, and organize tasks, powered by GPT-4o.

Guide to AI Automation

Learn how to set up automations for taking care of repetitive workflows. Automate your daily tasks to free up time and focus on more strategic work.

Guide to AI Chat

This tutorial will show you how to use the AI Chat for solving problems and brainstorming ideas, available anywhere inside Taskade.

Guide to Custom AI Agents

Learn the basics of creating custom AI agents in Taskade. Build, train, and deploy teams of autonomous agents to put your workflows on autopilot.

Guide to Writing AI Prompts

This tutorial will teach you how to write clear and concise prompts to direct Taskade AI’s responses for content generation and problem-solving.

Hierarchy Structure

Discover how Taskade’s workspaces, folders, and projects can help you organize your work for clearer oversight and better management.

Import & Export

Navigate Taskade’s import and export options. Move information from other platforms, or transform your projects into popular file formats.

My Tasks

Get a bird's eye view of your work with the My Tasks feature. Manage all your tasks in one place for better focus and productivity.

Project Add-Ons

Enhance your tasks with add-ons including Pomodoro timers, attachments, comments, reactions, embeds, and much more.

Project Views

Learn how to switch between various project views in Taskade to best suit the task at hand, whether it’s a list, table, mind map, Gantt chart, and more.

Roles & Permissions

Learn how to define user roles and manage editing permissions within workspaces and folders. Control access for team members and guest users.

Structure & Hierarchy

Master workspaces, folders, and projects to organize and manage your work. Simplify your workflow with Taskade's intuitive system for better collaboration.

Taskade AI Agents for Marketers

This guide covers using AI agents for automating marketing tasks such as idea generation, research, SEO, and content creation, offering tips to maximize their potential.

Taskade as a Second Brain

Taskade is a great tool for creating a second brain. It's a place to store all your ideas, notes, and knowledge.

Taskade for Content Marketers

Streamline your content creation and distribution workflow with Taskade, fostering real-time collaboration and productivity among your marketing team.

Taskade for HR

Optimize your human resources processes with Taskade. Embrace seamless team coordination, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding.

Taskade for Marketing Agencies

Elevate your agency's project delivery with Taskade by coordinating campaigns, analyzing performance, and enhancing team collaboration.

Taskade for Mind Mapping

Create dynamic mind maps with Taskade to visualize your ideas, plan projects, and brainstorm with your team in a structured way.

Taskade for Note-Taking

Transform your note-taking with Taskade's flexible structure to capture, organize, and share AI-powered notes with ease.

Taskade for Project Managers

Discover how Taskade can enhance your project management by simplifying tasks, centralizing communication, and tracking project progress.

Taskade for Property Management

Manage your properties effectively with Taskade's tools for maintenance scheduling, tenant communication, and financial tracking.

Taskade for Students

This guide will walk you through various scenarios and steps to make the most out of Taskade in your academic life.

Taskade for Teams

Foster a collaborative team environment with Taskade's shared tasks and real-time communication features, driving productivity and team synergy.

Taskade for Writers

Simplify your writing process with Taskade's organizational tools, from outlining articles to tracking publication deadlines and generating content with AI.

Taskade Mobile

Stay productive on the go with Taskade Mobile. Master the basics with this guide, from setting up your workspace to creating and managing projects.


Discover the power of 1000+ templates in Taskade to jump-start your projects with predefined structures that save time and ensure consistency.


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