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Elevate your social media presence with AI prompts, creating engaging content that amplifies reach and engagement.

Pinterest Infographic for ‘How-To’ Guide AI Prompt

Develop an informative and visually appealing Pinterest infographic that serves as a ‘How-To’ guide for [Process/Task]. Make it shareable and easy to understand, driving traffic to our website.

Facebook Live Q&A Session Announcement AI Prompt

Create an engaging Facebook post to announce an upcoming live Q&A session with [Expert/Executive]. Highlight the topics to be covered and encourage followers to submit their questions.

Boost TikTok Video Engagement AI Prompt

Provide a comprehensive review of a TikTok video draft, scoring its potential engagement out of 10. Offer concise, actionable advice on how to increase its appeal to TikTok’s audience, including the best time to post for optimal visibility.

LinkedIn Post Highlighting Company Success AI Prompt

Craft a LinkedIn post celebrating a major company milestone or success. Share insights into the journey, acknowledge the team’s efforts, and express gratitude towards customers and partners.

Instagram Reels for Product Launch AI Prompt

Plan an Instagram Reels series for the launch of our new [Product]. Strategize creative ways to reveal features, display benefits, and include user-generated content. End with a call to action for the launch event.

LinkedIn Post Announcing Job Vacancy AI Prompt

Create a LinkedIn post to announce a job vacancy at our company. Highlight the role’s importance, desired qualifications, and how to apply. Make the post engaging to attract top talent.

LinkedIn Article Sharing Industry Insights AI Prompt

Write a LinkedIn article providing deep insights about recent trends in [Industry]. Include data analysis, expert opinions, and actionable advice. Encourage readers to share their thoughts and engage with the content.

Pinterest Board for Inspiration Campaign AI Prompt

Create a Pinterest board for our ‘Inspire with [Brand/Product]’ campaign. Curate content that resonates with our brand values and encourages users to add to their own boards.

Instagram Live Announcement for Product Demo AI Prompt

Announce an upcoming Instagram Live session where we will demonstrate our new [Product/Service]. Include date and time details, and tease some features that will be shown.

LinkedIn Post on Technology Innovation AI Prompt

Create a LinkedIn post discussing a recent technology innovation by our team. Explain its significance, potential industry disruption, and invite feedback from the tech community.

Twitter Update on Company Growth AI Prompt

Tweet an update on our company’s growth and milestones. Include key statistics or infographics and express gratitude towards our employees and customers for their role in our success.

LinkedIn Post Featuring Customer Case Study AI Prompt

Develop a LinkedIn post that outlines a customer case study, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions provided, and the results achieved. Encourage readers to download the full case study.

LinkedIn Post Sharing Expert Opinion AI Prompt

Develop a LinkedIn post where our in-house expert shares their opinion on [Topic]. Use compelling data and insights to assert authority and initiate industry discussions.

Facebook Live Q&A Session Announcement AI Prompt

Create an engaging Facebook post to announce an upcoming live Q&A session with [Expert/Executive]. Highlight the topics to be covered and encourage followers to submit their questions.

Strategize YouTube Video for Maximum Engagement AI Prompt

Evaluate a YouTube video concept or script, offering a rating and suggestions to achieve 10/10 engagement. Advise on content structure, pacing, and visual aids to enhance viewer retention and interaction, and suggest the best time to publish the video.

Enhance LinkedIn Post for Greater Engagement AI Prompt

Assess a LinkedIn post draft, rating its engagement potential out of 10. Provide targeted recommendations to improve its impact, including the best time to post in PST. Focus on maintaining professionalism and relevance to the LinkedIn audience.

Refine Twitter Post for Peak Engagement AI Prompt

Analyze a draft tweet and provide a score out of 10 for engagement potential. Offer concise suggestions to enhance the tweet’s effectiveness, including the optimal time to post in PST, while keeping the tweet’s original intent and style.

Enhance Instagram Content for Better Engagement AI Prompt

Review an Instagram post or story draft and offer suggestions to achieve a 10/10 engagement score. Include optimal posting times in PST and emphasize improvements that maintain brevity and a natural conversational style, without using emojis.

Optimize Facebook Post for Engagement AI Prompt

Evaluate and suggest improvements for a Facebook post draft to maximize engagement. Provide a rating out of 10, specific recommendations for enhancing engagement, and the best posting time in PST. Focus on creating a natural, conversational tone with minimal edits.

Pinterest Infographic for ‘How-To’ Guide AI Prompt

Develop an informative and visually appealing Pinterest infographic that serves as a ‘How-To’ guide for [Process/Task]. Make it shareable and easy to understand, driving traffic to our website.

TikTok Challenge for Brand Campaign AI Prompt

Initiate a TikTok challenge that aligns with our brand campaign for [Product/Service]. Encourage user participation with a branded hashtag and attractive incentives for the best submissions.

Twitter Announcement of New Partnership AI Prompt

Compose an announcement tweet for our new partnership with [Company]. Illustrate the benefits of this collaboration and share the excitement for the opportunities it brings to our customers.

Instagram Poll for Customer Feedback AI Prompt

Design an Instagram poll story asking customers for feedback on [Product Feature]. Use this interactive method to gather insights while increasing engagement.

Facebook Post about Community Service Initiative AI Prompt

Craft a Facebook post detailing our company’s involvement in a community service initiative. Include images from the event, highlight the impact of the work, and thank participants and organizers.

LinkedIn Article Offering Leadership Advice AI Prompt

Write a LinkedIn article where our CEO/Executive shares personal leadership advice and experiences. Connect these lessons to broader industry themes and invite readers to engage with their perspectives.

Craft LinkedIn Connection Message AI Prompt

Write a LinkedIn connection message for [LinkedIn URL] with a fun, friendly tone, highlighting mutual interests or connections and the purpose of [Purpose]. Ensure an approachable closing.

Twitter Thread Showcasing Product Value and Benefits AI Prompt

Craft a Twitter thread detailing a product’s value and benefits. Engage with an attractive intro, distinct features, visuals, customer examples, and conclude with a CTA to explore or purchase.

Viral Twitter Thread Showcasing Product or Service AI Prompt

Write a captivating Twitter thread about our [Product/Service] that could go viral. Start with a hook, include customer stories, visuals, and a persuasive call to action. Use hashtags and encourage engagement throughout the thread.

Instagram Story with Behind-The-Scenes Content AI Prompt

Produce an Instagram story sharing behind-the-scenes looks at [Project/Product]. Use visuals and captions to bring followers into your creative world, prompting interaction and followership.

Instagram Story Providing Sneak Peek of Upcoming Products AI Prompt

Create an Instagram story teasing upcoming products with visuals and hints about features. Build excitement with a countdown, engaging questions or predictions, and a clear call to action.

Instagram Story to Encourage Positive Reviews AI Prompt

Compose an Instagram story encouraging positive reviews of our [Product/Service]. Create a call to action for feedback, using hashtags and stickers to improve reach and thanking followers for their support.

Instagram Story with Unique Offer AI Prompt

Develop an Instagram story with compelling imagery highlighting a special offer. Convey urgency and exclusivity, and prompt viewers to swipe up or click to enjoy the benefits.

Instagram Story with Step-By-Step Guide AI Prompt

Design an engaging Instagram story providing a step-by-step guide on [Topic]. Make it visually clear and concise, with a summary and call to action at the end, encouraging saves, shares, and further brand interaction.

Instagram Story Highlighting Unique Selling Points AI Prompt

Craft an Instagram story emphasizing the unique selling points of our [Product/Service]. Use persuasive text and visuals, incorporate testimonials, and conclude with a clear call to action to visit our site or learn more.

Product Comparison Instagram Story AI Prompt

Create an Instagram story comparing two similar products, highlighting features, benefits, and distinctions. Use engaging visuals and captions to deliver your message, and include promotions. Encourage action with a ‘swipe up’ or website link.

Twitter Thread Showcasing Success Stories AI Prompt

Develop a Twitter thread that tells success stories with our [Product/Service]. Kick off with value, add real-life stories, stats, and visuals, inviting followers to engage and learn more.

Twitter Thread for Product Comparison AI Prompt

Construct a Twitter thread comparing two products, clarifying their features and suitability. Provide a balanced view with visuals and conclude with a recommendation or call to action for audience engagement.

YouTube Video Telling a Relatable Story AI Prompt

Develop a deeply relatable YouTube video on [Topic] that engages the audience emotionally. Plan a compelling story arc, maintain a relatable tone, and guide viewers towards a meaningful takeaway.

YouTube Video with Step-by-Step Guide AI Prompt

Create a YouTube video with a detailed step-by-step guide on [Topic]. Outline the process clearly, support with visual aids, and maintain consistent pacing and clarity throughout the video.

YouTube Video Highlighting Unique Selling Points AI Prompt

Craft a YouTube video focused on the unique selling points of our [Product/Service]. Develop a storyboard that combines explanations, demonstrations, and testimonies to engage the audience.

YouTube Video Showcasing Success Stories AI Prompt

Assemble a YouTube video that showcases success stories from [Product/Service] users. Incorporate testimonials and visuals showcasing transformations, and support the narrative with a CTA.

Viral YouTube Video Persuading Audience AI Prompt

Construct a viral YouTube video for [Purpose], aimed at captivating and persuading a defined audience. Focus on compelling, shareable content that encourages viewer engagement and action.

YouTube Video Showcasing Product Value and Benefits AI Prompt

Produce a YouTube video that explains the value and benefits of [Product/Service], with a script angled toward features, benefits, customer success, and a strong CTA for viewers to take the next step.

Behind-The-Scenes Twitter Thread AI Prompt

Create a Twitter thread that takes your audience behind the scenes. Share stories and visuals of your team’s work, ask for your audience’s stories, and express your gratitude for their support.

Twitter Thread Telling a Relatable Story AI Prompt

Formulate a Twitter thread narrating a relatable story on [Topic]. Use engaging storytelling techniques and concise tweets to keep the audience hooked, and wrap with a hashtag to foster discussion.

Twitter Thread Demonstrating Solution to Pain Points AI Prompt

Author a Twitter thread addressing specific pain points with actionable solutions. Share your advice in a series of tweets with engaging language and visuals, ending with an interactive call to action.

Instagram Story Showcasing Unique Features and Benefits AI Prompt

Write an Instagram story highlighting the unique features and benefits of our [Product/Service]. Be sure to cover [Unique Features and Benefits] in a format that grabs attention. Deploy visuals, text overlays, and animations. End with a strong call to action to explore more or buy.

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