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🏢 AI Organizational Templates

Use one of these templates to build your organizational chart. You will find templates for hospitals, tech startups, human resources, educational institutions, and more. Track your team and organization as it grows.

Institutional Organization Chart

Utilize this template to create a free, fully customizable organization chart of yoru educational institution that is fully shareable for public viewing.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Carry out routine business activities with this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) template.

Cross-Functional vs Functional Teams

Learn about the pros and cons of each type of team structure with our comprehensive cross-functional vs functional teams template.

Employee Attendance Tracker

Track employee attendance and improve productivity across the board!

Flat Organizational Chart

A simple organizational chart that is perfect for small teams’ and companies’ hierarchy.

Simple Ticketing System

A quick, simple ticketing system for you to take notes on.

Travel Agency Org Chart

Get a bird’s-eye overview of your agency’s organizational structure.

Organization Ownership Structure Company Mapping

Keep track of your company’s ownership structure!

Tech Startup Organizational Chart

Starting a tech startup and need help organizing your team? Check out our comprehensive tech startup organizational chart template.

Human Resources (HR) Department Organizational Chart

Want to visualize the structure of your HR department? Use our HR department organizational chart template.

Nonprofit Team Organizational Chart Template

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a more organized team.

Police Department Organizational Chart

Visualize your police department’s structure!

Church Organizational Chart

Looking for an effective way to visualize your church’s structure? Check out our church organizational chart template.

Fire Department Organizational Chart

Visualize your fire department’s structure!

Public Works Department Organizational Chart

Get a bird’s-eye overview of the Public Works Department’s structure.

City Government Organizational Chart

Get a comprehensive and visually appealing template that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of various departments and officials in your city’s government.

College / University Organizational Chart

Navigate your college or university with this organizational chart template.

Hospital Organizational Chart

Keep track of your hospital’s organizational structure.

Team Workflow Builder

Build your team’s workflow with this free, online template!

Digital Organizer

Looking for an easy and efficient way to keep your life organized? Check out our digital organizer template!

Knowledge Base

Get ready to organize information, improve customer support, and streamline communication with this knowledge base template.

Top-Down Organizational Chart

Looking for a way to visualize your company’s hierarchy? Try our Top-Down Organizational Chart Template.

Environmental Agency Nonprofit Org Chart

Get a bird’s-eye view of your agency’s organizational structure.

Divisional Org Chart

Looking for a simple and effective way to visualize your company’s divisional structure?

Research Division Organizational Chart

Keep track of your division’s different members and roles.

Startup Marketing Team Organizational Chart

With this template, you can easily clarify roles and responsibilities, improve communication, and streamline decision-making.

Finance Division Organizational Chart

Get a bird’s-eye overview of your finance division.

Remote Design Team Organizational Chart

Get a bird’s-eye view of your design team’s structure.

Remote Squad Sprint Planning

Streamline your team’s workflow and boost productivity with our customizable template.

What Is an Organizational Template

Building an organization chart is no easy feat, especially if you’re part of a big and growing organization. That’s why we’ve created these organizational templates to help you get organized (pun intended)!

Simply choose a template that fits your use case and start tracking your organization’s growth!

Why Use an Organizational Template?

Creating an organizational chart can be tricky, especially for bigger organizations. Using one of our organizational templates helps to give you a headstart when creating an organizational chart.

What’s more, our templates are free and fully customizable so that you can tweak them to your liking. Simply choose your favorite template and get started today.

How To Use These Organizational Templates in Taskade

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  2. Click “Save Template” to create a reusable template for you and your team.
  3. Customize your project, make it your own, and get work done!
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Automate your workflows with featured templates for free. Taskade is an all-in-one collaboration platform for remote teams with 500+ AI-powered templates.


Use our free AI templates to write faster and smarter with high-quality generative content for your blog and more.


Boost your productivity and stay organized with Taskade's Table Templates. Discover how these customizable templates can help you manage tasks, projects, and personal goals effectively.


Templates to help you track all your personal task lists, goals, habits, and hobbies. Find templates for bullet journaling, personal task tracking, home hunting, and party planning.

Project Management

Here you will find project management templates to help you and your team complete tasks, collaborate on work, delegate assignments, and communicate effectively on what needs to get done. Everything you need for your scrums, sprints, and agile project solutions as well as simple team task lists to keep your team on track.

Task Management

Looking for free Task Management templates? Automate your workflows and get the upper hand with our free task management templates!


Engineering and Programming templates for everything an engineer might need including onboarding, tech stacks, QA testing, managing sprints, and more.


Free templates for students and school administrators. Track all your school assignments, exams, org charts, and other activities with our education templates!


Templates for design team sprints, U/I designs and redesigns, web design and development, and for building SOPs for your design team. You will also find customizable templates you can use to build mobile UI's, product designs, for managing your remote design team.


Use our ready-made free marketing templates and get a headstart! Organize campaigns and plan your marketing strategy with our templates today.

Mind Map

Use our free mind map templates to plan, organize, and brainstorm for your next project. You will find templates for product and business launch brainstorming, stand-up meetings, issue tree maps, and more. Use one of our templates to build your own ultimate mind map.


Use one of these templates to build your organizational chart. You will find templates for hospitals, tech startups, human resources, educational institutions, and more. Track your team and organization as it grows.

Gantt Chart

Streamline your project management with Taskade's range of free and useful Gantt Chart templates. Designed to enhance efficiency, these templates help you effectively track progress and achieve project milestones.


Prepare for your next event, project, or retrospective meeting with our planning templates. You will find a template for everything from wedding plans, to birthday parties, to your next business trip.


Use our templates to create and plan effective meetings that people want to attend. Whether it is your daily stand-up meeting or a quarterly meeting with your marketing team, our templates will make it easy for you to build agendas, assign meeting tasks, and track action items.

Team Management

Use one of our team management templates to build and guide your team to success. You will find templates for recruiting, onboarding new employees, employee reviews, goal setting meetings, and more.


Business strategy templates for client proposals, KPI trackers, project kickoffs, SWOT analysis, and more to keep your business on track towards your goals.


Here you will find templates built for game designers and developers to help game design teams collaborate, assign tasks, and communicate effectively.


Templates for your video production needs. Create a pre-production checklist and make sure you hit every task with our video production template.

Product Management

Ready to launch the next great product in your market or have you already launched and need to track customer feedback and create a roadmap for future development? Our product management templates give you a great place to get started. You will find templates for roamaps, A/B testing, issue trackers, change requests, and product change logs.


Startups have a lot to keep track of and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. This is why we’ve created some of the best free templates to help your startup stay on track!

Remote Work

Here you will find templates to help you be more productive working from home or for managing a team of remote workers. There are templates for creating your remote work policies and procedures, building a tech stack, conducting remote meetings with your team, and managing a remote project.

Y Combinator

Templates for preparing for your Y Combinator interview, weekly planners, and guides from other founders


Templates for product roadmaps, sprints, project overviews, launches and more. Manage where you are going with your product with one of our easy to use templates.


Templates for property management, household maintenance, or creating a store cleanup list.


Utilize one of these templates to create your own list of tips for boosting productivity, managing remote teams, brainstorming a mindmap, or taking better meeting notes.


Use these customizable templates for planning out case studies, gathering and analyzing product feedback, measuring UX metrics, or conducting your next A/B test.


You will find templates you can customize for your music production. You will find templates for everything from producing your next new song to a mixing workflow checklist.

Trip Planning

These templates will help you to plan your ultimate trip itinerary, for everything from your next family vacation to an exotic getaway. You can also create your very own travel bucket list and check off the destinations as you hit them.