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🐑 AI How-Tos Templates

Utilize one of these templates to create your own list of tips for boosting productivity, managing remote teams, brainstorming a mindmap, or taking better meeting notes.

How to Video Chat with Your Remote/Distributed Team

Learn how to video chat with your remote team—choose the right video chat platform, set up team communication guidelines, and make video chats more engaging!

How to Develop Strong Time Management Skills

Learn how to plan and prioritize tasks, set goals, measure progress and eliminate distractions in order to develop strong time management skills.

How to Stay Focused & Get Things Done

Learn how to stay focused and productive with helpful tips and tricks. Develop the skills and habits of an organized, goal-oriented person to get your tasks done with ease.

How to Plan a Productive Workweek

Need a little help staying productive? Use this template as a guide to help you plan your workweek and get more done.

How to Stop Wasting Time & Stay Focused

Struggling to stay focused? Learn practical methods to cultivate mindful habits and break unhealthy distractions with this template!

How to Multitask Remotely & Collaboratively

Struggling with how to multitask remotely and collaborate effectively? This template includes tips for staying organized, how to use virtual tools, and strategies for successful remote teamwork.

Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

Get an edge on your productivity with this keyboard shortcuts guide! Learn how to quickly and easily navigate your Windows or Mac computer with handy key combinations.

Writing Productivity

The Writing Productivity Template will help you increase your productivity when working from home. You can use it to write more efficiently, and save time.

How to Increase Remote Team Productivity

Learn the best tips, tricks, and strategies for boosting remote team productivity. Find out how to use scheduling, communication, goal setting, and more to help your team succeed.

How to Fix Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Struggling to keep your remote team productive? This template includes tips and tricks to overcome common challenges of remote work, from setting clear expectations to staying connected with employees.