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Product Hunt is a great place to launch a new product, but there is a lot to remember. Use this product hunt checklist template and build your own launch checklist for your next and future projects.

🚀 Product Hunt Checklist Template

Product Hunt is a great place to launch a new product, but there is a lot to remember. Use this product hunt checklist template and build your own launch checklist for your next and future projects.

When you have a new product, getting it out in the world can be challenging. For one thing, you have to have some kind of platform so that people are aware you exist. And for another, your product must interest a community. One of the ways you can show your product to a community is through the website Product Hunt. Before we go into the best ways to launch your product there, let’s talk about what the company does and how it can help.

What Is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a community-driven website that was created in November 2013 by Ryan Hoover. The website lets users launch new tech products. When users submit a product, the community can vote, review, and comment on their product. The products with the most votes float to the top of the daily list, making them more visible.

Before deciding to introduce your product, you should join the community and then spend time getting to know how it works. You can look for products under Topics, you can see the popular upcoming products, or you can jump into the Collections tab where you will find products organized and curated by the community, such as “Meditation Tools” or “Don’t Get Hacked.”

Who Can It Help?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you have a start-up as well as a product you’d like to push, Product Hunt can be a great launching pad. The beauty of Product Hunt is that you’ll be placing your product in a community with active users and giving them a chance to see what you’re offering. Use the opportunity to get valuable feedback. You can also use it to boost traffic to your website.

How Do You Launch a Product on Product Hunt?

How much time you give yourself to prepare can be a huge determining factor on whether your product succeeds or fails on Product Hunt. First, you should write out a checklist of all the steps you’ll need to take before you can launch your product. First up on your checklist should be your goals. Exactly what are you looking to achieve once you launch your product? Define your goals by the number of upvotes, how much traffic you need to generate to your website, how much promotion you need done on other social media platforms, and how many downloads of your app you would like.

While you’re creating your checklist, become an active user on Product Hunt. Comment on products, review products, and be active in the community. Get involved with some of the chats and the makers. Being an active user is a great way to build your support base and your own following. You’ll also want to look at products that are similar to yours and see what kind of feedback they’re getting.

Creating a Product Launch Checklist

Now that you’re familiar with the website and you’re an active user, you’ll start to see how it works. For example, around 30-40 products are posted daily, and your goal is to make it to the top five. You must keep this in mind when creating your product launch checklist.

Prepare: Do all the research necessary. Find out who the influential “hunters”/”users” are. It’s easy to Google them. Reach out to a few. Maybe one or two will comment or review your product. Their comment or review could give your product a significant boost.

Links: Create a link from your website to Product Hunt.

Title: Look over your title again. Does it resonate? Remember to keep it simple.

Create a Tagline: Who is your product for? Who will use it? Keep this brief and to the point.

Thumbnail of your product: Make sure the thumbnail clearly shows your product.

Gallery: Create a gallery of your product. The order is important, and videos come first. So, make sure the first image/video is what you want viewers to see. If you’re creating a video, ensure it highlights how your product is used.

The Makers: Talk about the makers. Remember that adding each maker will help make your product more visible. Each maker should have his/her own account. Encourage your team to be active users, so they can then build their own following.

Following: Make sure you have a small following, at the minimum, before you launch. Aim for an audience of about 500. If your following is tiny, wait. Take your time building a more substantial following. This is one of the most crucial elements of having a Product Hunt launch that makes a splash.

Time: Launch your product at exactly midnight PST on the day that you want to launch. This means you’ll have the entire day where users get to see, comment, and review your product.

Social Media: As soon as you hit enter on the launch buttom, make sure to link the Product Hunt URL across all your social media platforms.

How Often Can You Launch on Product Hunt?

If you’re planning to relaunch the same product on Product Hunt, you’ll have to wait six months. Even then, that’s only if you have done a complete makeover or redesign of your product.

How Can You Promote Your Product Hunt Launch?

As soon as you product has “gone public” on the Product Hunt site, comment on your product. This will tell users why you’re creating this product, why people should care, and who it is geared towards. Don’t ask for upvotes, but you should share your Product Hunt page everywhere. In addition, try to get support from other users by talking about your product. You’ll also want to capture emails so that you can update users in the future about your product and include their email addresses in your newsletter. These may be your first customers. Your email campaign should be ready before you make your launch official.

Launching your creation on Product Hunt is exciting, but you’ll need months and months of preparation if you want to put together a solid Product Hunt Launch checklist. Don’t rush the launch. Remember, you get one shot.

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