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Taskade AI for Education

Taskade AI is a transformative tool for the modern academic world. Seamlessly integrate tasks, mind maps, and notes, bringing efficiency and collaborative power to your educational journey.

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AI-Powered Productivity.AI-Powered Productivity.

Create an AI Second Brain

Five AI-powered tools in one to supercharge you and your team's productivity. With Taskade, all your work is in sync in one unified workspace.

Research with AI

Taskade's AI Research assistant can help to expand on your notes and knowledge in your projects. Work with AI to supercharge your productivity.

Fix Grammar & Spelling

Use AI to proofread your content. Simply highlight your notes and use Taskade AI to ensure that your writing is accurate and succinct.

Chat with AI Agents

Chat with AI Agents within your projects to get a fresh perspective on things. Get access to a wide selection of AI expert personas with Taskade.

Redefine Your Workflows with Taskade AI.

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Foster seamless communication

Today’s digital space is crucial to students and educators alike. Online learning has become the norm and will continue to be so over the years. While going digital presents many benefits for students and educators, it still poses some challenges. 

Without face-to-face classes, students find it quite difficult to juggle assignments, stay on top of due dates, manage project work, and collaborate with their peers. For educators, the challenges lie in distributing and tracking coursework, communicating with their students, and fostering a learning environment that is on par with onsite learning.

Fortunately, Taskade is a digital tool that can help you manage work and foster seamless communication.

What Is Taskade?

Taskade is an online productivity and collaboration tool. It was founded in 2017 by John Xie, Dionis Loire, and Stan Chang to optimize the way remote teams and individuals work. Students and educators can use Taskade to share learning materials, distribute coursework, and monitor deliverables.

With an easily navigable user interface and a variety of collaboration features, Taskade improves productivity, collaboration, and communication. Taskade can be used to create simple, collaborative to-do lists for assignments and projects, and also to manage class members.

Some of Taskade’s key features for students and educators include:

  • Note-taking capabilities
  • Built-in video chat for synchronous classes
  • Real-time feedback distribution for files
  • File uploading capabilities
  • Detailed to-do lists with deadline-setting functions
  • Easy-to-use templates for student assignment tracking

Taskade also operates on a free-forever plan, which makes it easily accessible for educational institutions and their students and teachers. 

How Can Taskade Help With Productivity in School?

As a project management software, Taskade is a one-stop shop for communication, collaboration, and project management. This will help students and educators seamlessly shift from in-person learning to online schooling, and vice versa. 

Here are some ways students and educators can boost their productivity with Taskade:

Managing Schoolwork

Students need to submit assignments and projects in a variety of file formats. Educators need to be able to collect these files and grade each one in a timely manner, which can be overwhelming when done in bulk. Taskade helps organize schoolwork according to what makes the most sense for students or educators, whether that’s by due date, via a priority list, or others.

Students can also use Taskade for hierarchical note-taking. This will allow them to take down and process information in a manner that is more easily digestible for them. By using Taskade’s different view options, students and educators can easily change Project views from board, to mind map, to calendar views as well.

Taking Quick & In-Depth Notes

Digital learning is often more fast-paced than in-person learning. Students and educators alike will benefit from tools that permit quick note-taking that allows for further customization later on. 

Taskade allows for mixed formatting to accommodate multiple learning styles. It also has a list view, which makes it easier for students to take notes.

With Taskade’s efficient note-taking features, students can build a second brain to assist their learning. It also allows for more systematic knowledge gathering, which makes it easier for students to retain information and build their own ideas. 

Taskade also lets students visualize their learnings as it enables embedding and uploading of media formats like videos and images.

Collaborating With A Group

One of the biggest challenges with online learning is working with groups. Lack of face-to-face interaction and communication can lead to roadblocks in finishing projects. Things can also get lost in translation when communicating exclusively over chat. That is why Taskade prioritizes seamless teamwork by being an all-in-one platform for both communication and collaboration.

With Taskade, educators can easily communicate with their students through chat and video calls. Best of all, these communication features are available for every project. Because comments, chats, reactions, and videos are already built into the platform, educators and students no longer need to toggle between apps.

Students can easily communicate with their group mates and set meetings for easier collaboration without clicking away from their Project pages. Additionally, Taskade allows teams to monitor document comments and changes in real time, so students are all on the same page.

Supercharge your workflow with Taskade AI.

Automate 700+ tasks across marketing, sales, support, HR, startups, and agencies. Generate streamlined workflows, spark creative ideas, automate tasks, and chat with AI in every project. Embrace the future of productivity with Taskade, the AI-powered workspace for modern teams.

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