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Create Mind Maps With AI

Generate AI-powered mind maps to visualize and organize your thoughts and tasks. Seamlessly change your workflows between different views and back again.

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AI-Powered Productivity.AI-Powered Productivity.

Collaborative AI-Powered Mind Mapping

Unleash peak productivity with Taskade's AI-powered tools. Create cutting-edge mind maps with AI in one seamless, synchronized workspace.

Ask AI Agents

List out your tasks and let customizable AI Agents do the work for you. Use them to expand on your mind maps, helping you to ideate and be more productive.

Brainstorm with AI

Use Taskade AI to brainstorm and take your mind-maps to the next level. Taskade equips you with what you need to expand on your ideas and turn them into actionable plans.

Generate Mind Maps

Taskade AI helps you build thorough mind maps by generating questions inside your mind map, allowing you to branch out into unexplored territories and uncover innovative solutions.

Redefine Your Workflows with Taskade AI.

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Taskade AI for Mind Mapping

💭 How It Works

If you’ve ever felt like regular lists just don’t cut, you’re going to love mind maps. Mind mapping is a powerful technique for capturing ideas in a visual format. Unlike linear note-taking, mind mapping mirrors the way our brains think — jumping from idea to idea and making connections. Here’s how to start mind mapping with Taskade.


🌟 Mind Mapping Features in Taskade

AI AssistantAI-powered suggestions to develop mind map nodes
Workflow GeneratorAutomated mind map creation based on prompts
TemplatesCustomizable templates tailored for mind mapping
Infinite NestingThe ability to create sub-nodes to an unlimited depth
Drag-and-DropEasy manipulation and repositioning of nodes
#HashtagsTagging nodes for categorization and quick access
Real-Time CollaborationCollaborate with team members on the same mind map

🛠️ Set Up Your Mind Map

Every project in Taskade is stored in a tree-shaped database. That means you can transform your notes and tasks in many different ways without losing context. To switch to the Mind Map view:

  1. Open your project.
  2. Use the View Switcher at the top (5th button from the left).
  3. (optional) Select the view again to set is as Default.

➕ Add Content to Your Mind Map

  • Start with the central idea:
    1. Open Taskade and create a new project.
    2. Choose the Mind Map view.
    3. Click on your central node and add your main ideas.
  • Add subtopics or tasks:
    1. For each main topic, you can add subtopics or tasks.
    2. Click ➡ (right-facing arrow) and ➕ New Task to add a new child node.
    3. Click ⬇ (dow-facing arrow) to add a new parent node.
    4. Click ➕ Add Block to add a new branch.
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⚡️ Collaborate on Mind Maps

Collaborative mind mapping in Taskade is a seamless way to capture and connect thoughts with your team in real time. Whether you’re brainstorming, planning, or organizing ideas, doing it together can enhance the process. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Invite team members:
    1. In your Taskade workspace, select the mind map project.
    2. Click the Share button in the top right-hand corner and select Invite to Project.
    3. Enter an email address or copy the invite link and share it via email or text.
    4. You can also specify the level of access for users who join.
  • Start a chat or video call:
    1. Click the 📞 Start Call button at the top of the chat window (on the right).
    2. Click Join meeting to start your video call!
  • Add and manage comments:
    1. Select a node or task.
    2. Click the three dots (···) on the right.
    3. Choose 💬 Comment from the list or press C.
    4. Click the 💬 chat balloon icon under a node to view and edit comments.

🤏 Organize and Refine Your Mind Map

Mind maps in Taskade are flexible and fully customizable. You can drag-and-drop elements to organize your mind maps, add #hashtags to filter nodes, change the style of bullets and headings, add notes, and even upload images, documents, and other attachments. Here are a few tips:

  • Drag-and-drop nodes:
    1. Left-click and hold (⋮⋮) to the left of a node.
    2. Drag the node anywhere you want.
    3. Release the mouse button to place the node.
  • Add #hashtags and filter:
    1. Select the node your want to add a #hashtag to.
    2. Type # followed by the name of your hashtag and press ⌨️ Enter.
      • (method #1) Click the new #hashtag to filter similar nodes.
      • (method #2) Type the #hashtag in the Search Bar to filter.
  • Upload attachments:
    1. Select a node or task.
    2. Click the three dots (···) on the right.
    3. Choose ☁️ Upload File from the list or press D.
    4. Alternatively, drag & drop a file from your computer to the node.

🎨 Examples and Templates

Taskade features thousands of customizable templates you can use in your projects, including an entire category of mind mapping templates. Whether you’re brainstorming, organizing, or solving problems, these templates will help you get started.

💡 Note: Visit 🧠 Mind Map Templates for more mind mapping ideas.

Brainstorm New IdeasJumpstart your creativity with this template — perfect for generating fresh, innovative ideas.
Product Development Decision TreeMake streamlined, informed decisions in your product development process with this intuitive mapping guide.
Product Release Strategy Meeting AgendaOrganize your product release strategy meetings efficiently with this focused template.
First Principles MindmapUnlock the potential of your mind by organizing your foundational thoughts and ideas clearly.
Budget Mind MapPlan and track your finances with ease using this budget-focused mind map template.
Issue Tree MapSystematically tackle problems by mapping out issues with this structured approach.

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Create Mind Maps With Taskade: The Best Free Mind Mapping Tool

What Is a Mind Map?

Mind maps are popular visual information management tools that help to display relationships between related concepts. It is a method that can help you structure and organize your thoughts visually.

The main topic of the mind map is usually noted down in the middle. As the topic is expanded upon, sub pointers that contain more related information would branch out from the center. The best mind maps will consist of bright colors to help differentiate between topic clusters, with arrows dictating the flow of ideas.

This means that mind maps have a hierarchical order of information management starting from the core idea of the mind map at the cente. Mind maps coincide with the second brain movement which aims to improve our memory.

If used correctly, mind maps help you understand complex concepts by breaking them down into smaller pieces. There are a lot of use cases for mind maps. Make sure you check out our collection of free mind map templates to get started in a jiffy!

What Are The Benefits of Mind Mapping?

There are several benefits that come with mind mapping. 

Better information retention. 

Mind mapping helps you retain information better by visually connecting concepts to help your brain remember ideas through association.

Increases your creativity

By using mind maps, you’ll be able to note down your ideas as soon as they come by. This gives you an opportunity to capitalize on inspiration as it comes.

Breaks down complex ideas. 

Mind mapping encourages you to break down big complex ideas into smaller steps. This lets you digest ideas and develop a better understanding of the main topic.

Helps you to collaborate effectively.

In the 21st century, collaboration is key. Collaborating with others on mind maps can help you ideate and come up with better solutions to your problems. Not only that, everyone on your team will be able to visualize each other’s ideas, essentially aligning everyone via a mind map.

How Can You Create a Mind Map?

Creating a mind map is simple, especially if you’re using Buzan’s method of mind mapping. Not sure who Tony Buzan is? Check out our ultimate guide on how to create mind maps to find out more!

Here’s how to create a simple mind map:

  1. Write down the main topic in the center of the mind map
  2. Branch out from the center of the mind map as you brainstorm more relevant sub-topics
  3. Explore more ideas and expand on your mind map
  4. Connect relevant ideas with arrows. Color-code your arrows to group them together
  5. Zoom out and see how your main concept is actually a sum of all its parts!

If you’re mind mapping using paper, be sure to prepare a big sheet of paper so that you can expand on your ideas without running out of space!

What Is Mind Mapping Software?

Why be physically limited by paper when you can utilize mind mapping software to create limitless mind maps? Mind mapping software are digital tools that can be used to help you create mind maps digitally. 

The best mind mapping tools out there often allow you to create mind maps amongst an array of other useful productivity features.

How to Create Mind Maps With Taskade

Taskade lets you switch between multiple project views with a simple click of a button. List down your thoughts via list view and toggle to our mind map view to visualize your ideas in a mind map. 

Want a headstart? Use our mind map templates or try the AI mind map generator for free.

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