Employee Objectives & Performance Review Checklist

💪 Employee Objectives & Performance Review Checklist Template

An all-in-one checklist to assess your employees' performance.

Exciting times are ahead! Get this free, all-in-one checklist for evaluating your employees objectively and performance. Use it to promote cooperation and identify areas of improvement too!

Later on you can use this helpful document not only as a review, but also in giving employee assessments or in part of salary review.

Employee assessments are important for evaluating employee performance and revealing areas of improvement. They are also used for compensation review, promotions, terminations, etc.

Use our free, all-in-one checklist template to organize and assess your employees' objectives and performance!

This checklist contains the following areas:

  1. 🎯 Objectives

  2. 🤔 Employee Self Assessment

  3. 👀 Manager's Assessment of Employee

  4. 🔍 Assessment of Management Skills

  5. 💼 Professional Development Plan


Simply copy it to your workspace of choice to get started.