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Plan your sprints using this free sprint roadmap template to keep your team focused on their tasks and collaborating together.


🏃🏽‍♂️ Sprint Roadmap Template

Plan your sprints using this free sprint roadmap template to keep your team focused on their tasks and collaborating together.

Once you understand the needs of the product owner, it is time for the scrum to start working. Product features often build on one another, so it is essential to have a clear, well-defined development process. Careful planning leads to a smooth workflow and on-time rollout.

Sprints are at the heart of Agile development. These intense work periods are when everything comes together. A sprint roadmap template is a powerful tool for keeping each member of the scrum on track.

What is a sprint roadmap?

Before each sprint, the scrum master gathers the team together to plan. Looking at the project timeline, they determine the next steps or features necessary for progress. Every team member should know their responsibilities after this meeting.

A sprint roadmap is a document that clarifies the plan for the sprint period. It is a guide so that each scrum member understands what everyone else is doing. This knowledge allows for better communication between workers. If one team member’s feature depends on someone else’s work, they will know the person with whom they must coordinate.

The sprint roadmap is also a resource for handling the unexpected. If a health emergency interrupts a team member’s work, the scrum master can redesign the sprint, replacing that team member with someone working on a nice-to-have level feature.

What should a good sprint roadmap include?

To be a productive tool, a sprint roadmap template should include the ability to label several items.

Tasks to be Completed

Every sprint breaks down into a series of tasks. Your roadmap should make the goals of the current sprint obvious. In a well-crafted sprint roadmap template, a glance at the map is all that is necessary to understand the current state of work.

Task Owner

The roadmap will show who is responsible for each task. The team will understand who owns the high-priority items so that other members can assist them when their work is complete.

Level of Importance

A well-designed sprint will challenge the abilities of the scrum. Attaching a level of importance to a task helps establish priorities when things do not go as planned. Your team may not get everything done, but the must-have features will be in place on time.

Time Estimates

Depending on the length of the sprint, some tasks will get done long before others. The team will work out approximate times during the planning meeting. Having these in place provides an incentive to get work done so that scrum resources are available for more complicated tasks.


A lot can change during a four-week sprint. You will want a sprint roadmap template that can adapt as needs change. Providing an up-to-date digital roadmap will keep the scrum on track throughout the process.

How do I create a sprint roadmap?

The first sprint roadmaps were often written physically on a whiteboard in a meeting room. This technique may still work for projects on a smaller scale. However, as products and organizations become more complicated, a digital sprint roadmap template is an ideal solution.

A user-friendly template, like the one you will find on this page, will let the scrum master enter information during the initial planning meeting. Then, the leader can share the file with other members. The best practice is to let the scrum master make adjustments to the map to prevent the confusion of multiple versions. Scrum members will communicate completed tasks or adjusted timelines. Then, the leader will update the document.

Your product timeline or roadmap is geared to product owners and is too broad to be useful during a sprint. Instead, a sprint roadmap template lets you focus on the individual steps that move the project forward. This tool will keep your team on task and your rollout on time.

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