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Identify problems and brainstorm solutions for your startup! What to do when things aren't working.


👩‍🏭 Debugging Your Startup Template

Identify problems and brainstorm solutions for your startup! What to do when things aren’t working.

When you’re building your own startup, things rarely go as planned. But don’t worry. This handy template will help you debug your startup and overcome all obstacles.

How to Debug Your Startup

Running a successful startup isn’t easy. The market is cutthroat and competitive, investments dry up, and problems pile up quicker than you can solve them. Analyzing your situation and jotting down the root causes of problems can make a huge difference down the road. 

Create Your Dream Startup With This Startup Template

Some problems can be so complex it’s difficult to know where to start. Luckily, our handy template packs everything you need to know to navigate through:

  1. 🤔 Product-market fit: Identify your customers and provide what they need.
  2. 💰 Finances: Make a fundraising strategy and find the money you need.
  3. 🗣 Communication: Identify key metrics and tell a compelling story to investors.
  4. ✅ Goals: List down everything you want to accomplish.
  5. 🔑 Culture: Crystalize your core values and live by them. 

You can add #tags and emojis, assign tasks, and even upload images to visualize your success. Make sure to share the template with team members for candid feedback.

How to Use the Debugging Your Startup Template

  1. To get started, sign in to your Taskade account or sign up for free.
  2. Open the template link and click on the ➕New Project button.
  3. Choose the Workspace where you want to create your template.
  4. Customize the template using Taskade’s editing and formatting features.
  5. Finally, click on the Share button next to your profile photo to start collaborating.

You might not have a degree in design or programming! But you’re definitely capable of debugging your own startup. Our how-to guide will teach you how to pinpoint problems, diagnose the cause, and come up with resolutions that work for your business.

Life is unpredictable, and things aren’t always going to go smoothly — but that’s okay! When things aren’t working, take a step back and put your critical thinking skills to use.

This template contains the following sections:

  1. 🤔 Pre-conditions for finding product-market fit
  2. 💰 I need money to run my business but investors don’t want to give it to me
  3. 🗣 Communicating to investors
  4. Making progress toward a common goal
  5. 🚪 Attrition & employees leaving
  6. 🔑 Culture is key

With this free strategy checklist for startup founders, you can work on tackling the issue(s) at hand and successfully debug your startup! Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to get started. You’ve got this! 💪

Create a Debugging Your Startup Template with Taskade

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