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Easily track your business's financial performance with this professional profit and loss template.

⚖️ Profit Loss Template

This profit loss template is a simple tool for tracking the financial health of your business.

What Is In This Profit Loss Template?

This simple profit & loss template can be used to help you track your business’s overall financial health. Track your income streams, expenses, and overall profit/loss margins with this fully customizable template.

Here are the sections included in this free template:

  1. Income: Income is the money that your business receives. It includes all the money flowing into your business.
  2. Expense: An expense is the money that you spend on various things, such as housing, food, transportation, and entertainment. These are the costs that you incur in order to maintain your business.
  3. Profit/Loss
    • Profit: Profits are the excess of revenues over expenses. It represents the money that is left over after all costs have been paid.
    • Loss: A loss is the opposite of a profit. It occurs when expenses exceed revenues, resulting in a negative balance.

How To Use This Profit Loss Template in Taskade

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