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SMART Goals – What They Are and How to Write Them

8 Min Read

Why Is Goal-Setting Important? Goal-setting is an important part of life. As David McClelland pointed out in 1961, having a sense of achievement is one of the three main sources of motivation for humans(1). What better way to feel a sense of achievement than to actually achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself?  However, setting goals blindly won’t help either. You have to hit the sweet spot when it…

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What Is Mind Mapping? The Best Tool for Visual Thinking

10 Min Read

Mind mapping is a visual tool that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in an easy-to-read, graphic format. It’s a great way to brainstorm, plan projects, and organize. A mind map can be any type of diagram: pictorial, graphical, or even textual. The key characteristic of a mind map is its structure. Mind maps are made up of nodes (or “branches”) linked by lines called “connectors”. Nodes represent concepts,…

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6 of the Most Popular Project Management Methodologies

20 Min Read

The question of the ages—“which project management approach is the best?” Well, the jury is still out on this one. But we can give you the second best thing. Here’s a list of the most popular project management methodologies in the wild. Learn about their pros, cons, and use cases, and pick the one that’s the best fit for your team and the project you’re dealing with. But first, let’s…

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Building a Second Brain Review and Complete Guide

20 Min Read

Let’s face it. Many people interested in the productivity space are master procrastinators. After all, checking new productivity tools and hacks seems like a perfect excuse to put real work off. But that ends now! In this Building a Second Brain review, we revisit a personal knowledge management system that promises to put you into high gear to finally get stuff done! Is the book worth your money?  Can it…

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🚀 Mixed Formatting, Natural Language Due Dates, and More!

5 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉 We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new: ⚡️ Mixed Formatting in New Outliner The new outlining experience is finally here! You can select multiple formats on the same indent level, with tasks, notes, and paragraphs in the same block. We moved the 🔽 Fold / ▶️ Unfold button to the left, next to the Drag Icon (⋮⋮).  Learn more. ⚡️ Natural Language Due Dates Taskade now…

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Waterfall Project Management: Your Complete Guide

21 Min Read

The Waterfall project management methodology is a “traditional” PM approach. Created in the 70s, the model is designed for clear-cut, linear projects with upfront requirements and firm milestones. While iterative methodologies like Agile have pushed Waterfall out of software development, the model is still popular in industrial, engineering, and construction projects. Here’s everything you need to know about the Waterfall methodology! 👇 🤔 What Is the Waterfall Project Management Methodology?…

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🚀 Quick Add Shortcut, Mobile Widget, Drag Icon ⋮⋮ Menu, and More!

4 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉 We’ve worked hard to make Taskade work better for you! Here’s what’s new: ⚡️ Quick Add Shortcut You can now add a task or note to a project anywhere in Taskade. Simply open the quick menu using ⌘ + K or CTRL + K in our web and desktop app. Learn more. ⚡️ Quick Add Mobile Widget The new Quick Add widget for iOS & Android will allow you to quickly add a task…

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The Eisenhower Matrix: A Simple Method to Prioritize Your To-Do List

16 Min Read

The Eisenhower Matrix is the simplest method to help you prioritize your to-do list. It is a productivity method that was first used by the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower was a very decorated individual and part of his success comes from him being able to prioritize tasks really well. Lets learn more about the tool that’s fit for a US president! What is the…

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8 Best ClickUp Alternatives for Waterfall Project Management

31 Min Read

ClickUp is one of the most popular productivity tools in the market. However, today we will be diving into some of the best ClickUp alternatives in 2022. What is ClickUp? ClickUp is a project management software that was founded by Alex Yurkowski and Zeb Evans in 2017. The project management platform is usually used by individuals and teams to organize projects and tasks. ClickUp quickly gained popularity when it was…

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Simple Productivity Tools to Empower ADHD Employees Working Remotely

12 Min Read

From getting work done efficiently, getting along with colleagues, to getting to meetings on time. These are some of the things we all struggle with on a typical workday. But what if you have ADHD and you work remotely?  366 million adults suffer from ADHD globally(1). If you’re one of them, chances are you’ve been facing a fair share of time management, focus, and organization challenges ever since work from…

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Introducing the Taskade Partnership Program for Affiliates & Referrals

7 Min Read

Hi Taskaders  🎉 We are excited to announce the new Taskade Partnership Program! Create your free account and start earning cash for helping Taskade grow. How the Affiliate Program works Become a partner. Sign up for the Taskade affiliate partner program to get your referral link. 👉 Share referral link. Share Taskade with your friends, followers, and clients.  Place a link on your site or share it anywhere. When people click the link, a 90-days cookie…

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Best Outliner Apps for Students

22 Min Read

If you’re a student, you probably are always on the lookout for ways to improve your productivity. Outliner apps are tools that help you to outline your thoughts via software. Read on to find out more about how outliners can help you increase your productivity including our list of the best outliners out there! What is an Outliner App? Outliner apps(1) are powerful tools that allow you to create outlines…

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