Features Prioritization Board

🖥️ Features Prioritization Board Template

Prioritize what features your platform needs with this free, online template!

Hi! You're about to release a new set of features on your application. They're critical and all part of the experience for users, but the thing is... the world doesn't need any more crucial features right now. It's time to tune in, think creatively, expand your horizons and stretch our imaginations. Think outside the box for a moment- what does your app need?

There are essential features and supplementary ones- it's like an undo button versus avatars for profiles that people want to design- which should be prioritized first?

The prospect of rolling out new features on your application is an exciting one. But before you can launch them, you have to be able to prioritize which features should be rolled out first. There are essential features and supplementary ones. It is like the difference between having an undo feature and having cute avatars for your profile.

This list has a structure for you to prioritize the features you want to create for your application:

  1. 🎯 Company / Business Goals

  2. 👥 Usage Frequency / # of Users

  3. 👏 Reward / Effort (= ROI)

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