Linux Hardening Checklist

🔏 Linux Hardening Checklist Template

Use this free online template to learn and apply Linux Hardening methods!

In computing, hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability, which is larger as a system performs more functions. In layman's terms, it is the process of making your system more secure as you add on functionalities to your system.

We have created a template with the most important hardening rules for GNU/Linux Systems:

  1. ⬇️ Levels of Priority

  2. 🗂 Partitioning

  3. 🚪 Physical Access

  4. 👢 Bootloader

  5. 🐧 Linux Kernel

  6. 📜 Logging

  7. 👥 Users and Groups

  8. 🗄 Filesystem

  9. SELinux & Auditd

  10. 🕸 Network

Simply copy this project into your workspace to get your system more secure 🔒