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Protect your APIs from attacks with the API security checklist template! Account for the most important security counter-measures when designing, testing, & releasing your API.

Application Programming Interface (API) allows different applications to interact with each other. APIs act as an intermediary layer processing data between systems. This template will help you make sure your API is secure and free from vulnerabilities.

What Is API Security?

Since APIs are becoming increasingly popular, they are also vulnerable to different risks. API security is all about protecting APIs from attacks. Organizations must put security countermeasures in place when designing, testing, & releasing their APIs. 

Safeguard Your System With the API Security Checklist

Our API security checklist template provides tips and best practices for protecting your APIs. It includes detailed sections like authorization, access, input, and many others.

  • Drag-and-drop to prioritize: Prioritize items using a drag-and-drop interface and focus on the hottest vulnerabilities that need your immediate attention.
  • Take baby steps: You can break down big, complex tasks into a series of more manageable sub-tasks. Start slow and build momentum, one check at a time.
  • Delegate: You may be the greatest bug hunter in the world, but you can’t “catch 'em all” alone. Share the template with your team and @mention to delegate tasks.

How to Use the API Security Checklist Template

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Create an API Security Checklist with Taskade

There are two main reasons for the lack of secure APIs. Either companies don't know about best practices and how to implement them, or they simply don't have time to do it properly.

You can either spend hours trying to figure out all the security countermeasures yourself or you can use this checklist as a shortcut. It's up to you!

Copy this template into your workspace now and start making your API more secure today!

This is a free checklist of the most important security counter-measures to take when designing, testing, and releasing your API. Familiarize yourself with best practices related to authentication, access, input, processing, output, and CI & CD.

Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to get started!

Credit: github.com/shieldfy/API-Security-Checklist