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Get ready to launch your application! Free Collaborative Startup Engineering Team Preparation Task List / Checklist Template.


📲 App Launch Checklist Template

Get ready to launch your application!

Launching an app requires a lot of careful planning and preparation, which can be hard to do if you’re working on multiple projects at once.

We’ve created this checklist to help you make sure that your next app launch goes smoothly by focusing on the most important aspects of releasing an app.

Follow our checklists for each step in the process, from choosing your platform to marketing and promoting it afterwards! This will ensure that you won’t miss any steps and have everything ready before going live with your product.

Reddit user u/thegreatsorcerer shared an app launch checklist with the r/startups community that has been fairly well-received, so we’ve decided to create a Taskade version, allowing you to easily use it in conjunction with your other projects and templates!

Simply copy it to your workspace of choice to get started 🚀

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