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Improve the security posture of Docker containers on Linux-based hosts! Free Collaborative Startup Engineering Cyber Security Remote Team Task List / Checklist / Guide Template.

🔏 Docker Secure Deployment Guidelines Template

Improve the security posture of Docker containers on Linux-based hosts.

The more efficiently you deploy your applications, the less time programmers waste toiling away on unattended tasks.

Relying solely on Docker’s secure deployment guidelines? Wouldn’t that make the perfect storm for software security? The problem becomes a lot clearer when you have these principles in mind: everything from mounting volumes to specifying networks, can be addressed through configuration files stored within containers.

Our secure deployment guidelines get your apps up and running quickly by demystifying this topic and enabling you with clear-cut instructions that’ll help keep hackers at bay. So go ahead and ditch those old devops tools – together we’ll discharge all expectations that will lead to an explosive development environment. Get cracking now while it

Given today’s rapidly growing cloud-based IT market, there is strong demand for virtualization technologies. Unfortunately, however, most virtualization solutions are not flexible enough to meet developer requirements and come with very high overhead costs.

Docker helps reduce that overhead by using OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers, which are isolated from one another and bundle their own software, libraries, and configuration files. They can communicate with each other through well-defined channels, and they allow developers and system administrators to seamlessly deploy containers for applications and services required for business operations.

However, since Docker utilizes the same kernel as the host system to reduce the need for resources, inadequately-configured containers can be exposed to significant security risks.

But fear not! This free itemized list suggests hardening actions that can be undertaken to improve the security posture of Linux Docker containers on Linux-based hosts.

Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to get started! 💪


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