Django Production Launch Checklist

🚀 Django Production Launch Checklist Template

Make sure you've taken care of all the odds & ends before launching your project.

So you've started your own Django site? Awesome! It's time to get ready for the launch by taking care of all the odds and ends. Use Taskade's Django Production Launch Checklist to ensure everything is in order with this helpful checklist of topics including content, SEO optimization/analytics, security, and accessibility. With a completion estimate for each item and helpful links sprinkled throughout (don't forget about that server review!), it'll be like having your very own personal assistant here to help out.

This is Taskade's version of Vinta's Django Production Launch checklist. Make sure you've taken care of all the odds and ends before launching your project! This task list covers topics including content, accessibility, SEO optimization/analytics, and security.

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started!