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Definition: Project Views in Taskade use the underlying tree-structured database to display project contents in several different ways. Each of the workflows available in Taskade is designed to enhance productivity by providing a fresh perspectives for engaging with tasks, notes, and documents.

Where Will You Find Project Views Inside of Taskade?

Once you’re in a project, you can switch between projects views and transform your projects using the buttons located at the top of the project window. Each button corresponds to one of the seven workflows available in Taskade — List, Board, Calendar, Table, Mind Map, Org Chart, and Gantt Chart.

For More Information About Project Views

For more information about project views visit our Help Center at:

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Views

How many views does Taskade include?

There are seven unique views available in Taskade:

List / Outline view: Organizes tasks in a linear, top-down way and allows for a hierarchical structure of main tasks and subtasks.

Board / Kanban view: Uses columns to represent stages of a process. Tasks are displayed as cards you can move across columns.

Table view: Displays information in a grid format, similar to a spreadsheet. It provides an overview of tasks and their associated data.

Mind Map view: Represents ideas and tasks as interconnected nodes. It helps explore relationships and hierarchies within a project.

Calendar view: Integrates tasks with a time-based interface. Allows for effective planning and deadline management.

Gantt Chart view: Provides a timeline view of project tasks. Showcases start and end dates and task durations for easy planning.