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Definition: The AI Assistant in Taskade is a generative AI feature that uses advanced large language models (LLMs) to generate content, organize tasks, outline documents, and brainstorm ideas within the project editor.

Where Will You Find the AI Assistant Inside of Taskade?

The AI Assistant lives in every project you create within your workspaces or folders. You can access it by typing “/” + “command name” in the project editor. There are a number of commands you can use to streamline your workflow:

🟤 /subtask⚪️ /brainstorm
🟢 /outline🔴 /expand
🔵 /rewrite🟠 /summarize
🟡 /ask🟣 /translate
🟧 /prioritize🟥 Fix spelling and grammar

For More Information About the AI Assistant

For more information about the AI Assistant visit our help center at: