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Use Taskade to focus, work together, & get things done! Free Startup Team Productivity Task List / Checklist Template.


🏋️‍♀️ How to Increase Remote Team Productivity Template

Use Taskade to focus, work together, & get things done.

Taskade is a task management and collaboration app that is designed for teams that work remotely. Taskade enables you to create and assign tasks in a variety of ways: by assigning it to one person, by having members vote on what they would like to work on, or by picking one task from a list of “hot” items. You can also add due dates and descriptions to your tasks so you know what is expected when they are completed.
Taskade will also notify you when someone starts working on the task so you’ll know exactly when it’s done.
Customers love Taskade because it allows them to be productive while working remotely – plus, it’s affordable!

Working remotely does not mean your productivity has to suffer. With tools like Taskade, you can focus and work in distributed teams to yield great work!

This template explains some of the ways you can improve your team’s productivity by using Taskade:

  1. 🎯 Improving team workflows
  2. ⚡️****Take frequent, short breaks
  3. ✏️ Schedule your time and team meetings
  4. Motivate your team with milestones and goals

Copy this template into your workspace and get started!

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