Monthly Calendar

📓 Monthly Calendar Template

Keep track of exams, important due dates, and other monthly tasks.

Most people use a monthly calendar to track their personal appointments and activities. Monthly calendars can also be used for tracking school assignments, exams, and other activities? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a monthly calendar for tracking school-related activities, and we will provide tips on how to create and use a monthly calendar for this purpose.

Why You Should Use A School Monthly Calendar?

A school monthly calendar can be very useful for managing your academic life. A simple Google search will reveal dozens of apps and online calendars that are specifically marketed to students, but most students prefer to create their own calendars. For that, we have this free and fully customizable school monthly calendar template you can use.

Using a monthly calendar like this one will let you see everything you have coming up at a glance and make sure you are staying on top of your assignments and exam prep.

What Should You Put in Your School Monthly Calendar?

There are many activities that you can use your monthly calendar to track. Just like a personal monthly calendar, the school-specific one should include things like exams, large projects (due in weeks), group meetings (two hours long) , and class material schedule (to make sure you don't miss any lectures).

For example, if an exam is coming up in a few weeks, you can put it on your calendar and review the amount of time left to study. If an assignment is due in two weeks and it's a lengthy paper, then you can schedule some time every day for that week or ask for help and additional support if needed.

It's not a bad idea to put personal activities into this schedule as well that may conflict with study time, group project meetings, etc. Things like sports, band practice, and volunteer activities could be in your school calendar so that you do not have any conflicts.

You can make your calendar as general or as specific as you want. For example, you can put down important dates that are attached to a certain activity. For example, you may want to put down the start of basketball practice or the date of an important exam.

If you are in multiple classes that have group activities (a lab class, for example), then it's a good idea to enter these activities into your school monthly calendar. To avoid any confusion surrounding your schedule and exams, just tell one person (a group leader) the time and location of each activity. This will help prevent any schedule conflicts and stress later on during the term.

Creating A School Monthly Calendar

The fastest way to get started is to use this free and fully customizable school monthly calendar template. You can modify it however you need to fit your classes, activities, and habits.

For example, you could make assignments for each class color-coded or tag them with the class name. You can do both. Give all exams a unique color too so they stand out on your calendar.

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