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๐Ÿง  Design Psychology Checklist Template

Familiarize yourself with design thinking & get in the right mindset.

Design Psychology Checklist is a list of mindsets and tasks that every designer should follow, no matter the project they are working on. The list covers topics like categorical awareness, gestalt laws, human cognition patterns, and more to provide designers with helpful knowledge so that they can create products that people will want and use for a long time. Simplifying complicated material into something simple, Design Psychology Checklist offers UX professionals easy-to-follow actionable habits without spending hours in seminars or pages of textbooks!

Designers need Design Psychology Checklist to feel confident in their decisions! Donโ€™t let your product fail because you didn't have all the tools availableโ€”download it now to ensure success.

Design is not just an artistic processโ€”there is much more standing behind it. Psychology is a crucial field that helps designers deeply understand users, yet they may neglect it due to its perceived complexity.

However, you donโ€™t need a Ph.D. in psychology to effectively use psychological principles in designโ€”you only need to know the basic principles and how they apply. Use this free task list template to familiarize yourself with design thinking and the impact that psychology has in design!

Simply copy it to your workspace of choice to get started ๐Ÿ’ช