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Facilitate your next design sprint! Free Collaborative Startup Design Remote Team Task List / Checklist Template.

👨‍🎤 5-Day Design Sprint Checklist Template

Facilitate your next design sprint!

What Is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a structured process for rapidly developing and testing new ideas. It is typically used in the field of product design, but it can also be applied to other areas such as business strategy and software development. 

The five steps included in design sprints are as follows:

  1. Map (Discussing the problem)
  2. Sketch (Brainstorming solutions)
  3. Decide (Voting for the best solution)
  4. Prototype (Creating the solution)
  5. Testing (User testing and gathering feedback)

This process typically involves getting your team together to identify a problem and then generate solutions for it. The main goal of having a design sprint is to quickly generate solutions within a specific timeframe.

This free design sprint template helps to guide you through a five-day sprint with different objectives to achieve daily.

How Long Does a Design Sprint Usually Last?

Typically, a design sprint lasts five days. Each day will consist of different steps to get your team closer to solving the problem. 

However, the length of a design sprint can be adjusted depending on the complexity of your problem. Simpler problems need not necessarily require a five-day sprint, while a complex problem might demand more time from your team.

How to Use This Five-Day Design Sprint Checklist Template on Taskade

This free five-day design sprint checklist helps you set the stage and guides you on actions you should take and the approximate amount of time you should spend on each task.

Simply add this template to your Taskade Workspace or Folder to get started!

  1. Sign in to your Taskade account or sign up for free.
  2. Open the template page and click the ➕ New Project button.
  3. Choose the Workspace or Folder where you want to add the template.
  4. Customize the template using Taskade’s editing and formatting features.
  5. Get work done! ⚡️


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