Remote Workshop Preparation

🏠 Remote Workshop Preparation Template

Prepare for and successfully execute a remote workshop with this free, online template!

With working from home policies in effect, everyone is having trouble getting things done. With the adoption of long-existing remote collaboration tools, workers all around the world are starting to dip their feet into conducting business online. Running a workshop remotely is a difficult task, specifically, because collaborating with others who are thousands of miles away prevents bouncing ideas off each other. That's why we at Taskade have created a simple preparation template for you to organize your remote workshop!

This template contains the following sections:

  1. 🎯 Purpose

  2. 📆 Practicalities

  3. 👬 Participants

  4. 🚀 Products

  5. 🎢 Process

  6. 😍 Principles

Copy this template into your workspace and get started on your remote workshop preparation!