Production Deployment Checklist

👩‍🔧 Production Deployment Checklist Template

Get ready to deploy your production using this free, online checklist!

Before you go deploy your production on Amazon Web Service (AWS), there is a multitude of things that are necessary to do, as well as optional actions that save time and money! If you follow this checklist, you will be able to deploy secure, scalable, and highly available infrastructure in AWS.

This template contains the following topics to check off:

  1. 💻 Server-Side

  2. 👥 Client-Side

  3. 📦 Data Storage

  4. 📈 Scalability & High Availability

  5. 🔄 Continuous Integration

  6. 🚚 Continuous Delivery

  7. 🌎 Networking

  8. 🔐 Security

  9. 🖥 Monitoring

  10. 💸 Cost Optimization

Copy this template over to your workspace to get started!