Novel Writing Planner

📖 Novel Writing Planner Template

Map out ideas and outline the details for your storybook. Are you considering writing a novel? Where do you start? A novel writing planner template can be used to help you plan out the critical components of your novel while tracking goals and progress.

Write your next bestseller with this simple template. List your ideas, plot, and summaries below! (Make sure to also check our Publishing Plan Template to plan the next writing block!)

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started.

So you are thinking of writing a novel? Whether it's for fun or professionally, completing a novel can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But where do you start? How do you keep track of your progress and make sure the novel is heading in the right direction?

The best way to write a novel is to use a planner. This will help you map out the story and make sure all the pieces fit together. It can also be helpful to set writing goals and track your progress.

What should you include in a novel writing planner?

  1. Plot: Start by outlining the plot of your novel. What is the story about? What are the main characters and their goals? What obstacles will they face along the way?

  2. Character sketches: Knowing your characters inside and out is critical for writing a believable story. Create brief sketches of each character, including personality traits, physical description and backstory.

  3. Scene list: Break the story down into scenes and list them in order. This can help you visualize the progression of the plot.

  4. Timeline: Create a timeline for your novel, including important events and when they happen. This will help keep your plot on track.

  5. Research: If you are including any factual information in your novel, make sure to document it properly. This can prevent headaches later on.

  6. Writing goals: What do you want to accomplish with this novel? Set some writing goals and track your progress.

The benefits of using a novel writing planner

There are many benefits to using a novel writing planner.

  1. It will help you stay organized and on track.

  2. It will help you plot out your story and make sure all the pieces fit together.

  3. You can set writing goals and track your progress.

  4. It can be helpful for keeping track of research.

With a well-organized novel writing planner, you can stay on track and write the novel of your dreams!

This free novel writing planner template can help you from the initial planning stages all the way through your first edition rolling off the presses.