Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

🚨 Family Emergency Preparedness Plan Template

Prepare for emergencies by coming up with a comprehensive response plan.

It's hard to predict what life will throw at us, but it's not difficult to prepare for! Jot down important information in this handy template so you know the plan of action should something ever happen.

Start by sharing your contact info with your family and friends, then be sure to list out all of the common emergency supplies you'll need - food, water, sanitation items, first aid supplies etc. From there always keep an eye on social media or other news outlets for updates during a potential disaster- that way you'll have any new information ready when crafting your post-disaster plan. Make sure bedtime is extra tight because if push comes to shove it might be days before anyone gets any sleep! And don't

Life happens, and so do emergencies and disasters. There are some things you can't prevent, but you can definitely make sure you're prepared! Use this template to jot down important information, such as contact info, supplies, and plan of action in case of an emergency. Stay safe 🙏🙏

Simply copy this template into your workspace of choice to start planning!