Car Inspection Checklist

🚙 Car Inspection Checklist Template

Check before you buy.

A car inspection checklist is a must-have if you're about to go to buy a new car! Purchase right with this freebie. Impress your favorite salesman by taking care of all the things on this checklist. Check thoroughly for leaks, smell, smoke, noise and more. You'll feel relieved knowing that you've prepared before buying a used car or when deciding whether or not now's the time to upgrade your ride. Take inventory of how well each element in your vehicle works from seat placement flexibility, engine condition and mileage as well!

When you need answers quickly —whatever it may be—jot down everything you know about the cars you're considering at home first so then answering those pesky questions will be a breeze

About to purchase a new car? Make sure to check before you buy!

This free car inspection checklist can help make things easier for you. Be sure to account for leaks, smell, smoke, noise, and the feel/touch.

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started!