๐ŸŒณ Cross-Functional vs Functional Teams

Organize between a cross-functional vs. functional team within your company with this free, online tree diagram!

You have a lot of options when you think about an organization. Do you prefer to work in teams in which everyone is focused on working towards the same goals, encompassing different levels of expertise? If so, then cross-functional teams might be right for your company.

If you are looking for people who can focus on specific tasks and provide specialized skills for others in the team, functional teams will be optimal - just make sure that each individual has both technical skills as well as analytical thinking ability if they function at higher levels within your organization!

Functional teams are composed of members from several vertical levels of the organizational hierarchy who perform specific organizational functions. Cross-functional teams are composed of experts from more than one area, who work cooperatively towards a goal. It is important to distinguish between who is functional and cross-functional in a team, so you can get a better idea of your organizational structure.

For example, cross-functional teams include SCRUM teams and Marketing Agencies. Functional teams include web developers and graphic designers. Our blog post gives more information on what a cross-functional team is and their ability to effectively multitask.

Feel free to add and remove things from this org chart as you see fit! Simply copy this project into your workspace to get started.