Remote Decision Meeting

💻 Remote Decision Meeting Template

Make informed decisions remotely with your team. Check out this template to find out how to have a remote meeting where you need to make decisions!

Remote decision-making has its challenges. Scheduling meetings across time zones is tricky and valuable context is sometimes lost in transit. 

You can address those communication obstacles and still make effective decisions with this remote decision meeting template. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is the Decision Meeting Template Used For?

The remote decision meeting template is designed to guide you and your team through the decision-making process. It will help you facilitate discussions, keep track of key talking points, record meeting outcomes, and plan the next steps in one place.

Move Faster With the Decision Meeting Template

There’s more to this document than meets the eye. Think of this template as your team’s all-in-one virtual meeting place that can be tailored to your unique workflow:

  • Change the Project view: Encourage your team to think outside the box and transform the document into a collaborative Kanban board or a mind map.
  • Keep track of documents: Need charts, presentations, and other types of business intel to make a decision? Upload all files directly to the template page!
  • Assign action items: Once you’ve made the decision, it’s time to take action. Assign tasks to your team members with @mention and track progress in a master view.

Having remote meetings can prove to be a difficult task. Poor communication and a lack of workspace camaraderie are common problems of having remote meetings. How can you design a meeting to make it positive, while making important decisions as a team?

Here are the topics covered in this template to have a productive meeting:

  1. 🚩 Brainstorm Negatives
  2. Brainstorm Positives
  3. 🗳 Voting
  4. 🧠 Brainstorm Solutions
  5. 💥 Effort / Impact
  6. ↗️ Actionable Next Steps

Simply copy this template into your workspace to get started!

How to Use the Remote Decision Meeting Template

  1. To get started, sign in to your Taskade account or sign up for free.
  2. Open the template link and click on the ➕New Project button.
  3. Choose the Workspace where you want to create your remote meeting checklist.
  4. Customize the checklist using Taskade’s editing and formatting features.
  5. Finally, click on the Share button next to your profile photo to start collaborating.

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