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Internal Newsletters Compilation

Unleash the power of seamless communication with our Internal Newsletters Compilation automation, ensuring your team stays informed and engaged effortlessly.

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What Can You Do With This Automation?

  • Aggregate content from various internal sources to create a cohesive newsletter.
  • Automatically format newsletters with a consistent layout and design.
  • Schedule and send newsletters to specific teams or departments.
  • Track engagement metrics such as open rates and click-through rates.
  • Update newsletters with real-time information and latest company announcements.

Use Cases For Internal Newsletters Compilation

  • Keeping employees informed about company news and updates.
  • Sharing key performance indicators and departmental achievements.
  • Highlighting upcoming events, training sessions, and important deadlines.
  • Distributing policy updates and new procedures across the organization.
  • Promoting inter-departmental projects and collaboration opportunities.

How To Use This Automation

Here’s how to set up your first Taskade Automation:

  1. Go to the Automations tab in your workspace or folder.
  2. Click ➕ Add automation
  3. Click ➕ Add Trigger and choose a trigger from the drop-down list.
  4. Specify the conditions for the trigger on the right.
  5. Click Save Changes in the top-right corner.