Budget Planning & Mapping

🧮 Budget Planning & Mapping Template

Plan out and organize your personal/household budget.

You're spending more than you should and not saving enough.

It's hard to find a simple budgeting tool that works for you, your partner, or your family. And it's even harder to stick with the plan once you've created it!

This free mindmap template is a great way to get started on creating an effective household budget plan. Once complete, share the map with everyone in your home so everyone knows how much they can spend each month! There are also tips and tricks at the bottom of this page on how to make sure that everyone sticks with their new budget!

Use this free mindmap template to plan and map out your personal and/or household budget, and make sure you're spending within your means! If using this template for your household, be sure to invite your family members so you're all on the same page 📖

Simply copy this into your workspace of choice to get started!