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Gantt Charts vs. Roadmaps: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Project

June 10, 2024 22 Min Read

At this point, there must be a thousand different project management tools and methodologies in the wild. But sometimes, old, tried-and-true methods work the best. In this guide, we’re settling the ultimate debate: Gantt Chart vs. Roadmap. Which one helps navigate projects more effectively? Here’s the thing. Both Gantt charts and roadmaps have their place. One is excellent for detailed timelines and tracking progress, while the other helps capture the…

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The History of Keyboard Shortcuts: A Hidden Superpower for Productivity

December 31, 2021 23 Min Read

Most of us don’t give keyboard shortcuts a second look, especially when it comes to classic combos like ⌘CTRL+C and ⌘/CTRL+V. But in all their modesty, keyboard shortcuts are a true productivity superpower. In today’s article, we take a closer look at the history of keyboard shortcuts and how those simple key combinations can boost your productivity. 🤖 Before you start… Technology is the vessel for productivity. But how did…

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Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) | Organize Your Work and Life

July 18, 2021 32 Min Read

The history of personal knowledge management (PKM) is a history of curiosity. For thousands of years, people have accumulated knowledge in a desperate attempt to find no-nonsense answers to nagging questions. Ok. Let’s get serious for a moment.  In today’s article, we take a closer look at the concept of personal knowledge management (PKM). You’ll learn how to build a knowledge management system, gather information effectively, and succeed in the…

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Ethical Anti-Design: The Road to No-Nonsense Productivity

May 21, 2021 25 Min Read

Nobody wants to be an asshole, right? That’s why in this article we’re digging into the principles of, wait for it, anti-asshole design (AAD). We also try to define “ethical design” and see how it can help teams and individuals get work done faster and smarter, with no fluff. 🤔 What Is Design Ethics & Ethical Design? “Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s…

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Seeking Balance and Tranquility: How to Manage and Beat Distractions at Home

September 20, 2020 24 Min Read

Want to overcome distractions at home once and for all? Well, let’s just say you’re not the first remote worker to ask the question. If you feel you’re deep in the limbo of chronic procrastination, we’ll put you back on track in a jiffy. Work-from-home comes with some cool time-saving superpowers. ⚡️ Not only can you spend less time on prepping your food and work clothes, but you can also…

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The Art of User Interface Design: Gaming and Productivity Tools

September 10, 2020 26 Min Read

Even if you’re not into gaming, it’s hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship of game developers. Gripping storylines, artisan visuals, cinematic sound effects… But all that would be for naught without a frictionless user interface, something modern productivity tools can learn plenty about. In this article, we dig deep to uncover some of the best UI tricks of video game designers and developers. Oh, and we also answer a few…

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Creativity and Originality Fuels Productivity

April 20, 2020 15 Min Read

🕺 Why Originality Matters There’s a fairly common theory about the spread of new ideas. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The diffusion of innovations theory suggests that groundbreaking ideas, discoveries and movements start with a certain type of person. The innovator. 👩🏻‍🔬 💡 Innovators are the people who blaze the trail, whether that’s something serious like forming the theory of gravity or a silly fashion trend, like wearing a fanny…

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