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Add structure to your life by jotting down all your goals in this free personal vision kanban board template!

Keep track of your personal, family, career, financial, fitness/health, social, lifestyle, creative, spiritual, and travel goals. Feel free to add additional goals as you see fit!

What is a Personal Vision Board?

A personal vision board is a visual representation of your goals and aspirations, typically created by collaging pictures, words, and other items that represent those goals and aspirations.

It is often used as a tool for setting and achieving personal and professional goals, as it serves as a reminder of what you hope to achieve and can help to focus your efforts towards those goals

Review your vision board regularly and make adjustments as needed. As you achieve your goals, you can replace them with new ones, or add new items to keep your vision board reflective of your current aspirations.

Creating a personal vision board is a great way to stay focused on your goals and dreams. It can be a fun activity to do with friends or family and can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Who Is This Personal Vision Board Template For?

A personal vision board template can be a helpful tool for anyone who wants to set clear goals and visualize their aspirations for their future. This template can be particularly beneficial for people who want to:

  1. Clarify their personal values, beliefs, and aspirations
  2. Improve their focus and motivation toward their goals
  3. Keep track of their progress toward their goals
  4. Create a positive and uplifting environment by displaying their vision board in a place where they see it often

Individuals who want to enhance their self-development and personal growth, such as entrepreneurs, students, and career professionals, can also benefit from using a personal vision board template. This tool can help them stay focused on their long-term goals, which in turn can help them achieve success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

What Should Be Included on a Personal Vision Board?

Here are some things you might consider including on your personal vision board:

  1. Inspiring quotes or phrases that resonate with you and help keep you motivated.
  2. Images or symbols that represent your goals and aspirations, such as a picture of a beach if you want to travel more or a picture of a house if you want to buy a home.
  3. Words or phrases that describe how you want to feel, such as “happy,” “confident,” or “successful.”
  4. Pictures or illustrations of activities or hobbies you want to pursue, such as sports, art, or cooking.
  5. Images of people you admire or want to emulate, such as role models or mentors.

Remember, this vision board is meant to be personal, so feel free to include whatever images and words inspire and motivate you.

How Do You Create a Personal Vision Board?

There are lots of ways to create a personal vision board. You can use a poster board, but the easiest way is to use this free and fully customizable personal vision board template.

With this personal vision board template, you can clip things online and post them to your vision board. Plus, you can share it with friends and family so they can help you stay focused on your goals.

The great thing about this personal vision board is you can take it anywhere you go. See something while you are out with friends that inspire you? Add it to your vision board.

Creating a personal vision board is a great way to manifest your dreams into reality. So get creative, and start dreaming big!

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