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Mind Mapping with Taskade: The Easiest Way to Get Things Done

Paint The Big Picture Brainstorm, Collaborate, and Present with Taskade Mind maps can store and structure vast amounts of information. They display hierarchy and help visualize relationships between individual ideas. Mind mapping lets you learn faster, communicate and brainstorm more effectively, improving productivity for teams and individuals alike.

What is a mind map?

Mind maps are a way to organize and comprehend your ideas. These diagrams visually portray concepts by using shapes and colors. Many high profile companies use mind maps. For example, Apple uses mind maps in planning their products and services. How to use mind mapping in Business Mind maps are typically used to generate ideas and to communicate goals, constraints, and directions to colleagues and team members. Here are two ways to use mind maps in business: Share and brainstorm ideas with a team. Determine who has the authority to take action. Use it as a communication tool. Create a Story Consider the situation that you’re facing. What is the big picture? What is it like? Then create the story. Using a mind map, you can visualize your ideas and goals.

Mind mapping in business

Mind maps are the staple of functional analysis, complex interaction design and system architecture. Many large corporations and organizations have embraced the power of mind maps as an easy way to improve collaborative efforts and team productivity. Create your mind map Creating a mind map is a simple process. It consists of the following steps: Break the big project into smaller parts to make it more manageable. Take notes about each section. Don’t forget to label the nodes and labels. Take into consideration the purpose of the mind map. Focus on the issues, questions, and challenges you’re facing. Brainstorm You can conduct brainstorming sessions using an online mind map tool. However, the most time-efficient method is to have an impromptu discussion with the group.

Taskade, the easiest way to get things done

Have you ever had so many ideas that you couldn’t find the time to get them all done? Your mind is crammed with endless possible ways to approach a task, and it’s hard to prioritize among them all. There’s a solution that can make your mind works better. Today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list. As you try to prioritize your tasks, you often forget to consider a few seemingly less important tasks, and end up procrastinating. These types of lists are called “to-do’s”. They are a way of organizing tasks based on their importance, but the only problem is that there are no rules for what your tasks should be. The tasks that you have to do are rarely crystal clear and can easily overlap.

How to use Taskade for mind mapping

The process of mind mapping is like writing a book – you need to start somewhere. Mind maps are created by overlaying different mental representations on top of one another to form a diagram. Consider how different authors would write different parts of a book. Each would write from their own perspective. They wouldn’t share or coordinate their ideas. This would be like you trying to write a book by only using the ideas you can think of. This is unrealistic and leads to bad and imprecise mind maps. Imagine an author started out with 10 pages of ideas, then cut those pages down to 2. This would be like deciding which ideas to focus on before you even start the book. Think about how you use mind maps to organize your ideas and plan for the future.

Create your map

Start by highlighting the desired result. Your mind map can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Then start brainstorming ideas and associations about that outcome. Every person can contribute to the map. At least two people should be involved. As well as trying to achieve the end goal, you can also brainstorm an idea that is tangential to the goal, for example, adding an image or a 3D model to help visualize it. Collaborate, and develop your map with your team Try different patterns and symbols. You can adjust the amount of information in each of the cells in the shape. You can always have someone brainstorm with you if you feel the need for input. What is more important than the presentation itself is the learning process.

Share your map

Whether you’re trying to form a group mind, communicate a strategy to a client, or solve a complex problem, mind maps can help. They can also help you manage stress, as they let you: Sort tasks into hierarchies and logical structures See who is working on what Review progress, track time Present to everyone Sharpen your skills Try out our very own 15-Minute Mind Map Video The right tools help users accomplish their goals faster, and that’s exactly what Taskade does. Our unique 2D mapping software lets you turn your ideas into digital versions.

Export your map

The Taskade software creates and formats mind maps for desktop use in minutes. You can export your mind map into a standard Word document or PDF. Take advantage of their premium plan, and receive access to other tools, like file management and web previews, to make your mapping and task management process even more intuitive and effective. Create Desktop Mind Maps Think of mind maps as a page in your day planner. If you do a good job of mind mapping, you’ll get everything you need done, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the present and think about the future. To get started, find a mind map template online and import it to Taskade. Before you start putting things on the map, make sure the important parts of your mind map have been captured.