Remote Design Evaluation

🎨 Remote Design Evaluation Template

Evaluate the design of your platform using our free, online template!

Optimal design is essential for onboarding and retaining users for any business. If the design of a platform is lacking in some way, customers will leave without looking back. To create a better design for your UI/UX based on user feedback, we at Taskade have created a template that will walk you through how to evaluate your current design and how to propose solutions.

This template has the following steps:

  1. 🖼 Problem Framing

  2. 📑 Problem Statement

  3. 👥 Understanding the User Requirements

  4. 🏂 Storyboarding a Solution

  5. 💡 Evaluating Potential Solutions

Simply copy this template into your workspace to get started on creating a better design for your product. Good luck!