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Design Workshop Checklist - Free Design Team Template. How to prepare your team's plan of attack at the next design workshop‍ meeting.


🎨 Design Workshop Checklist Template

How to prepare your team’s plan of attack at the next design workshop‍ meeting.

You and your team are going to have a great time when you use our checklist! The Design Workshop Checklist can be used for any kind of problem solving. Our template will help stimulate creativity, remove some stress from those pressured days, and get rid of all the excuses like we didn’t know we had to stop by the store.

Every team has their own way of creating a plan for tackling an issue. Our template can provide a structure for you to figure out how to solve problems and get things done!

The template provides the following areas that you can fill out:

  1. 💡 Preparation
  2. Problems
  3. 💭 Solutions Brainstorm
  4. 🔢 Size & Prioritize
  5. 📝 Do we need to…
  6. ↗️ Next Steps
  7. 🚗 Parking Lot

Simply copy this template to your workspace and get started on it! We are sure it will help you out 😀

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