Y Combinator Interview Prep Checklist

💪 Y Combinator Interview Prep Checklist Template

Prep for and ace your Y Combinator Interview with our free, online template!

Y Combinator is a company that provides small seed funding for startups, in return for small stakes in the companies they invest in. They are one of the best programs for entrepreneurs who want to start a new venture - and so of course, our founders went to Y Combinator! John, Dionis, and Stan went through the interview process and ended up being one of the few startups that received startup funding.

We want to help you follow in similar footsteps and get your startup up and rolling, so we created a template with the following sections:

  1. 👉 Criteria

  2. 🤔 Interview Questions

  3. 📖 Prepare for Interview

  4. 🐑 Taskade Overview

  5. 🧠 What is Taskade?

  6. Why Us?

  7. Why Now?

  8. 🏗️ 3 Pillars of Taskade

  9. 🤔 How are we different from Todoist, Airtable, Notion, Asana, Trello, etc..?

This is a layout based on the very process that we went through. Copy this template into your workspace, take a look at it, and try to follow the steps that we did for a better chance at passing your Y Combinator interview!