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Checklist for onboarding new engineers and team members. Free remote work collaboration template.


🏓 Engineer Onboarding Checklist Template

Checklist for onboarding new engineers and team members.

Introducing the only onboarding list and protocol that your engineers will ever need. This template contains guidelines on everything from signing up for paid cloud storage to managing a software deployment process, in one easy-to-use checklist format. The knowledge contained here is profoundly versatile—your team can use this helpful guide no matter what field they’re in, or what framework their stack is built on. Learn more about Engineer Onboarding today!

Fun times ahead—it’s time to onboard new team members! Chances are, you’ll end up hiring new engineers throughout your career, so having an onboarding list and protocol is vital for your next onboarding cycle. That’s why we’ve gathered all our knowledge into one document and created a checklist for you and your future employees.

This template contains the following areas:

  1. 🛠 Basics
  2. 📇 HR & Benefits
  3. 🥪 Team Lunch
  4. 💻 Develop Environment

Simply copy the template into your workspace or share the link with your new co-workers!

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