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Tracking job applicants can be overwhelming, but this free job recruitment tracker template can help you create an easy to use process to track each of your job applicants from application to final decision.


🔍 Job Recruitment Tracker Template

Tracking job applicants can be overwhelming, but this free job recruitment tracker template can help you create an easy to use process to track each of your job applicants from application to final decision.

How do you keep track of job applicants and all of the information you’ve collected about them? For a successful recruitment process, you need a tracking tool that helps you stay organized and allows you to easily find the most qualified candidates.

A well-designed job recruitment tracker template can serve as an excellent recruitment tracker. With a template, you’ll be able to efficiently identify, reach out to, and recruit the best new employees for your company.

What Is a Recruitment Template?

These templates are a simple, centralized, and flexible digital tool for hiring outstanding candidates. Although you can make them look any way you want, a template will often have a table format with rows and columns. You’ll be able to easily extract any information you need about candidates and chart their progress through your recruitment funnel.

The candidate info you collect and how you organize and display it will depend on your company’s recruitment process. One of the benefits of templates is that they’re highly customizable. Once you tweak your template into the best job recruitment tracker for your company, it will consistently work well for you. If you need to revise it in the future, you’ll have an easy time making changes.

What Should a Recruitment Tracker Include?

Along with the name of each applicant and the position they’re applying for, the following are some of the key data to track with your template:

Contact information. Addresses, phone numbers, and emails are standard.

Online presence. You may want to keep track of social media handles or profiles, like a candidate’s LinkedIn page. Websites, blogs, or online portfolios may also be relevant to the hiring process.

Resumes and cover letters. With your template, you should be able to quickly access all components of a candidate’s application. You’ll also easily spot if anything is missing.

Stage of the applicant hiring process. Each candidate should have a particular status as they move through your hiring or recruitment process. Are they in the stage of phone or in-person interviews? Have they finished their interviews and need to have a decision made about them?

Last action undertaken. The template can tell you when you last contacted the candidate or heard from them and for what reason. Did you call or write an email to schedule an interview? Have they gotten back to you about an offer?

Ratings or reviews. How did an applicant perform during an interview or a skills test? What comments has the hiring committee made about them at different stages of the process? You can also highlight comments the candidate has made that strengthen or weaken their application.

Special qualities. Is there any particular quality about a candidate that you would like to emphasize? For example, maybe they know a programming language or a foreign language that would make them an especially good fit for the position.

How they became an applicant. You can make note of how potential candidates heard about the position, such as a referral from a current employee.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Recruitment Tracker Template

With a well-designed template, keeping track of job applicants should be easy. Instead of hunting for missing information or worrying that you’ve overlooked key details, you can focus on making thoughtful assessments. The hiring process becomes significantly more efficient and effective.

Keep in mind that you can also set up multiple related templates, the information from one feeding into another. For example, a recruitment or hiring template can be linked to an onboarding template used for new hires.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for ideas about your recruitment tracker template. We can advise you on design possibilities and help ensure that the template reflects your hiring process and priorities.

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