Employee Termination Checklist

⚠️ Employee Termination Checklist Template

Letting people go is never fun. We believe there should be a clear structure to it.

The employee termination checklist includes some of the most important and delicate parts to terminating an employee. We know that it is not easy, so let us do the hard work for you! And don't worry about missing a step during this process- we've got your back! Why go at it alone when there are great resources just waiting for you?

The list includes all crucial steps in order to get through this often difficult period without hurting anyone's feelings or getting into trickier spots with human resource managers. It also avoids mistakes made by others who've terminated employees before.

Letting go of people or having to terminate an employee is not fun! Neither of you are interested in the process and want to get it done as fast as possible. Termination comes at the end of trying to figure things out and clear up miscommunication between upper and lower-level employees.

We are here to tell you that there is an easier way to get through this difficult process! We created a Free Template to use for all parties involved.

Simply copy it into your favorite workspace of choice.