SWOT Analysis

📈 SWOT Analysis Template

Identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with this free strategic template.

There are many ways to strategize and refine your business strategy. Here's how you can use the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to do just that.

What Is the SWOT Analysis?

The SWOT analysis is one of the most popular techniques for identifying where an organization stands today, what prevents it from growing, and how it can improve. See where your company excels, find areas for improvement, and identify potential obstacles.

Make the Most of This SWOT Analysis Template

There’s more to this SWOT analysis template than meets the eye! Here are a few tricks and tweaks that’ll help you customize the experience and tailor it to your workflow:

  • Collaborate: Share this document with your team and encourage them to add input directly to the page. Brainstorm, chat, and get work done in the same window!
  • Organize: Your SWOT analysis can be as detailed or as general as you need. Outline key points and fold/unfold tasks to focus on what matters at the moment.
  • Delegate: Assign tasks and sub-tasks to your team members with @mention. You can even check the progress they’re making in a shared master view

A SWOT Analysis is a great tool to empower your strategy and your organization as a whole! It has been used in many different scenarios, including in Marketing, Product Development, and Sales.

It doesn't matter which field you're in—using a SWOT analysis will help you clear things up. But where do you start?

We've got you covered with our template below! Simply copy it into your workspace of choice to get started immediately.

How to Use the SWOT Analysis Template

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  2. Open the template link and click on the ➕New Project button.
  3. Choose the Workspace where you want to create your SWOT analysis template.
  4. Customize the SWOT analysis using Taskade’s editing and formatting features.
  5. Finally, click on the Share button next to your profile photo to start collaborating.

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