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Let your investors know what you’ve been up to! Keep your venture capital investors and angel investors up to date.

💰 Simple Investor Update Template

Let your investors know what you’ve been up to! Keep your venture capital investors and angel investors up to date.

Venture capitalists and angel investors are busy people. Startups who want to get their support must regularly keep them in the know about ongoing projects. But investor updates need to be quick and compelling, so we prepared a simple template to help you out.

What Is an Investor Update?

An investor update is a report or presentation provided by a company to its investors, usually on a regular basis, to inform them about the company’s developments.

The purpose of an investor update is to keep investors informed about the company’s progress and to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their investments. At the end of the day, they want to know how their money is being spent, and this update does exactly that.

The frequency and content of investor updates may vary depending on the expectations of your investors. The key goal is for you to convince them that they made the right investment in your company.

Keep Investors in the Loop With This Investor Update Template

You don’t want to overwhelm your investors with information. Effective updates are concise and straightforward. This simple investor update template will help you stick to essentials.

  • Add tags: Organize your document with hashtags. Add #tags anywhere in your brief to create interactive reference points for easy navigation.
  • Upload files: Sometimes your update may require additional reports and other documents. Simply drag-and-drop files to upload them to the template.
  • Share: You don’t have to export your investor update and send it via email. Invite investors directly to the document and add new insights in real-time.

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